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11 Ways to Improve Your Home Entry Way (Foyer)

Spacious blue foyer.Your entryway should welcome visitors and let them know exactly what to expect from the rest of their home. Whether it’s sleek and modern or warm and inviting, it should set the tone for the rest of your décor.

Too many people make the mistake of throwing a coat rack in the corner and calling it done, but we’re not those people, and neither are you.

When you’re done with your design, your home entryway will get visitors excited about what’s in store for them as they walk through the rest of your home.

Paint Colors

Consider the palette used in the rest of your home before you choose a color for your entryway. For example, if you have a country brown living room scheme, you’ll probably want to avoid bold modern colors in the entryway.

Next, think about the feeling you want your entryway to evoke. Colors have more power than most people realize. They can lift your spirits, make a room feel larger or fill you with a sense of calm.


Depending on the shade of red, it can feel contemporary, rustic or traditional. No matter what shade you use, red is a bold choice. If you are unsure about it, consider using red accents instead of painting an entire wall in this color.


This is an uncommon choice for an entryway, but it could work in the right setting. A dark pink exudes glamor and can work well with fur and mirrored finishes for an uber-feminine effect. Lighter pinks or even a beige with pink undertones are more neutral and can create a soothing environment.

Source: ZillowDigs™


If you’re looking for a burst of energy as soon as you pass the threshold, bright orange is your best bet. On the other hand, apricot and terracotta inspire relaxation.


In all shades, yellow inspires happiness and adds a sense of optimism to the room. Muted yellows are more soothing while brighter yellow shades create a sun-kissed effect.

Source: ZillowDigs™


This naturally earthy color represents growth and renewal. Darker greens have a relaxing effect, and bright greens promote energy.


Calm and refreshing, blue also represents strength and dependability. Sapphire can add a bold energy to a room while sky blue promotes tranquility.

Spacious blue foyer.


Purple can be very dramatic or calming, depending on the shade used. A royal purple accent wall can really add drama to your entryway.


Gray is still a hot color in the design world, possibly because it is the color of tranquility. All shades of gray can be soothing, but light grays are the most universally calming.

Source: Hacin + Associates


If the color brown had its own motto, it would be “slow down and relax.” Brown evokes memories of cozy couches and warm fires.

Popular furniture

Not only are entryways inviting, but they should also be functional. This is the room where most people leave their umbrellas, remove their outer layers and take of their shoes. Furniture in this space should be functional.

Accent tablesAccent tables offer a pretty way to fill space in an otherwise empty entryway, but they also give you a place to rest your keys and stow the day’s mail. Choose an accent table that suits your storage and décor needs. If you tend to walk in the door and leave a pile of stuff on the table, be sure to get an accent table with a storage drawer. Otherwise, plan to get a catchall container for keys.

Foyer with accent table.Storage benches – If you’re in the habit of taking your shoes off as you enter the home, you’re probably in desperate need of a place to put them. Loose shoes at the front door isn’t a good look for any home. Get a storage bench that offers a comfortable place to sit while you remove your shoes and a place to store them.

Coat rack – If you have a coat closet near the door, you don’t need a coat rack. But if you don’t have a place for guests to put their coats, you’re inviting them to use whatever couch or chair they’d like. Find a unique coat rack that suits your style. You may find some interesting options at your local antique store.


If you don’t want guests thinking they took a wrong turn and entered a cave instead of your home, lighting is important.

Chandeliers – If you have high ceilings, consider adding a chandelier. Glass chandeliers come in various styles and reflect light beautifully.

Wall sconcesWall sconces are a great choice to accent a piece of artwork or a mirror. Use dim bulbs for a calm, romantic effect or use bright bulbs to energize the space.

Table lamps – Table lamps work well if you have chosen an accent table for your space, and they allow you to get creative with design.

Windows – There’s nothing better than natural lighting. If you have windows in your entryway, check them to see if they could use replacing. They should have a neat appearance and be well-sealed. If you don’t have windows in this area, consider adding accent windows beside your door. This gives guests a welcoming view into your home. Just keep in mind there are some things to consider when installing new windows. One of the most important things is that your windows are energy efficient. This will keep hot or cold air from escaping and will keep guests comfortable as they enter your home.


Since the entryway is typically a small space, your options for artwork here are somewhat limited. Most people typically choose one piece to anchor the space, but you can also cluster picture frames and canvas artwork to add more interest.

Oversized artwork – If you don’t need storage in your entryway, you may choose artwork over furniture to create a striking look. Choose an oversized piece to take up a large percentage of your anchor wall.

Above furniture artwork – This can be a mirror, canvas or framed photograph. The style should flow well with the rest of your home, so choose wisely.

Clustered frames – Since this is the entrance to your family home, many people choose to cluster family photographs in the front entryway. It’s a great place for an introduction to your family.

When you cross the threshold to your home, you should feel a sense of relief and warmth. Guests should feel like they’re welcome and happy to have arrived. With a few simple changes, such as paint color, furniture, artwork, and lighting, you can elevate the look and feel of your entryway. Your guests may never want to leave!