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Woman Converts 3 Cheap IKEA Shelves Into Beautiful Shoe Storage Unit

Published on January 30, 2023

IKEA shelves converted into beautiful shoe storage unit

Everyone knows that if you purchase a cabinet from Ikea, assembling it can often be compared to performing brain surgery. I mean no offense to surgeons, but seriously, this stuff is not for amateurs. So, if you are a glutton for punishment and have an eye for anything DIY, then this video will bring you great satisfaction.

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@shaynaalnwick I made the coolest shoe storage out of IKEA cabinets! 👞 🤯 #ad #ikeahack #ikea #diy #diyproject ♬ Roxanne – Instrumental – Califa Azul

Most of what you see while browsing the extremely curated rooms of your local Ikea store are minimalistic Scandinavian styles of furniture. The cabinets are usually streamlined, on a smaller to medium scale, and with little to no detail, but they are affordable. For most people, this is more than acceptable and they are happy to have ample storage that fits into the most narrow of spaces. For those that are a little more design-obsessed and love a good DIY project, Ikea hacks are currently all the rage.

This particular hack involves the very functional and space-saving Bissa shoe rack in white. The cabinet that this TikTok’er is using comes with two compartments. However, they also make it with three. First off, I love a good hack and the Ikea ones are at the top of my list. I love the excitement and pure satisfaction she gets from creating her project. It’s pretty infectious. Overall, I think she is thorough in her explanation and details. I love all her clever tricks used to make it look custom, such as designing the scribed detail on the bottom edge and filling in the spaces with additional wood. I also love the addition of wood planks on top to create a more dimensional piece. Although you don’t have to copy exactly the way she created her cabinet, you now have the idea and you can customize it to your specific style.

I think it’s important to take note that she is showing specific tools used to create the cabinet. I love that she does all the work herself. A suggestion I have would be adding labels to each clip, showing the cabinet name and every tool or idea she uses, which is similar to what people are doing on Instagram clips. She talks a little fast and the video is quick, so I had to rewind a few times to hear exactly which Ikea piece she bought. I think labels would make it easy for those wanting to attempt DIY but not knowing what tools to use, or how to start.

The completed cabinet has all the makings of a vintage piece that has come to life. It is functional and practical and would fit well with any farmhouse or rustic design. I love that she displayed it finished in her entryway. What a great way to visualize how it will look in your own space. I find the video inspirational, because you don’t have to copy exactly the way she created her cabinet, but you now have the idea, so you can customize it to your specific style. You can definitely find me watching more of her DIY videos again.