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Are there any Benefits of Short Shelves? If so, What are They?

Short shelves are ideal for small rooms. There are several sizes for shelves that would incorporate into your interior design, check this article to know the right fit.

Small shelves with divider and folded clothes.

As you work to outfit the rooms in your home with proper storage solutions, there is one out there that you might want to consider. Short shelves are all the rage these days. Yes, I know that tiny homes are where the majority of short shelving goes. That’s because, well, the homes are already so small that they can only handle small shelving, including short shelves. Here are some more instances when short shelves are the way to go. Check out the benefits of short shelves to help you determine if this is the right size of shelving to incorporate into your interior.

Storage in Children’s Rooms

Families with children need to have short shelves for the inhabitants of the space. A child who is two or three feet in height is only going to be able to reach the shorter shelves. If you want to provide them with independence and the chance to develop their muscles, let them have shelving that they can reach. 

A short shelf that is about their height is far less likely to be pulled down and toppled over on it, such as a tall five-shelf bookshelf or dresser drawers. Storage in children’s rooms should also be small enough to accommodate the size of their toys and clothing. You don’t need huge shelving systems with tall shelves in a room when the child is never going to use all of that space. It’s a waste of money and storage.

Money Savings on Interior Decor

Empty wooden shelves with plain design.

As with any furniture, the smaller furniture costs less money. This means you are going to want to spend less money on just enough storage. A three-level shelf is about half of the price of a five-level shelf. This is where you might not have enough money for the larger option, and you have to choose a shorter shelf to maximize your home decor budget. 

It’s not a problem, per se, unless you don’t have enough shelving, in the end, to meet your needs. Shelving, after all, is for the function of storing and displaying objects. Not enough shelves means you can’t show everything you want in a room, which is often problematic and annoying. It also means you’ll end up having to buy a new shelf just to deal with the situation which is not going to save you any time or money.

You can also use shorter shelving for purposes other than just storage. For example, Best Pick Reports states, “A shelf placed at the right height can make an excellent space for a small bar. While the top of a short bookshelf will make a great surface for a bar, don’t limit yourself. Look for a shelf that allows you to pour and mix drinks with ease. However, avoid high shelves or cramped spacing.”  

Low Profile Storage

Storing shoes, including heels, boots, and flip flops, is an eyesore. Trying to keep these items handy for use, though, means you have to store your shoes in an open way. This is when a short shelving unit offers the ultimate in low profile storage. With a short shelf, you have a two or three-tiered shoe rack. These are made to be low to the ground.

Simple Trending 3-Tier Stackable Shoe Rack, Expandable & Adjustable Shoe Shelf Storage Organizer, Wire Grid, Bronze

As you can see, you are able to get your shoes on and off and onto the shoe rack, sometimes without even bending over. This is a super convenient storage method that saves you time when finding shoes for work and recreation. You are able to store your shoes next to the door or entry and low to the ground, which increases your time getting out the door. And since the shoes are stored where they are naturally worn–on the ground–it reduces the amount of bacteria and dirt that is spread around your home. Even if you wear shoes indoors, which I would not recommend, you still can’t wear all of the shoes you own at one time. Low profile storage with short shelves is the key here.

When Short Shelves Stink

Of course, there are always times when you really do need taller shelving. A taller shelf is important for accessibility if you are a taller person, or if you need the shelf to be within reach. Also, taller shelving with bookcases is important for functionality and storage within a home. If you don’t have enough shelves to hold all of your books, you simply cannot see everything you have–or have it within reach when you are ready to use it. 

This is a problem, especially if you work from home and depend on your materials. The same goes for YouTubers who do video shoots with a ton of props. You also need to have taller shelving to accommodate all of your items. Shelving is an important piece of furniture for taking photos and videos as well. Therefore, there are always going to be those times when short shelves stink and literally sink down too low for your use and pleasure. In those places, it pays to buck up and spend a few more dollars when you need storage and shelving.