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House Over Warehouse by Miguel Marcelino

House Over Warehouse by Miguel Marcelino

Architecture: Miguel Marcelino
Instagram: @miguelmarcelino.arq
Structural Engineering: João Esteves
Plumbing Engineering: José Rodrigues
Phases: 2007-2010 (project)
2011-2012 (construction)
General Contractor: João Felício
Gross Floor Area: 138 m2
Gross Volume: 437 m3
Building Footprint: 114 m2
Plot Area: 4.108 m2
Energy Efficiency Class: A
Final Construction Cost: 84.254 EUR (building: 610 eur/m2)
Location: Chícharo, Torres Novas, Portugal
Client: Cândido Vieira
Photographs: João Morgado

The brief was to build a three-bedroom house on top of a warehouse built in the 80’s, where part of the roof was made with a flat slab and a small balcony, precisely with that idea of later building the house.

Given the constraints of the existing warehouse, the house shape turns out to be automatically set: a box that rests on the existing structure. The rooms are placed to the east, the toilets to the west, as well as the kitchen, looking to a centennial olive tree. The existing balcony will be maintained and “duplicated” as an overhang.

The living room is placed south where its southeast corner is diagonally cut in a way that the balcony could enlarge and offer an outdoor area protected from the sun and rain, overlooking the valley.

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