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House in Kiba by Note Architects

House in Kiba by note architects


Company name: note architects
Contact e-mail:
Completion Year: 2021
Photo credits: Akira Nakamura

A new house for life in old age A house for couples.

Located at the end of the apartment, facing the river and the park, the environmentally favorable conditions, while the three sides were outside and the lower layer was an outdoor parking lot, which was a poor environmentally conditioned dwelling unit.

First, the interior material facing the outside was peeled off, and the floor wall was filled with heat insulating material.

For two people who have different living times and often spend time in the living room, the bedrooms are placed apart from each other around the living room. In addition, the pantry and closet can be entered from two places to create a migratory flow line.

If you open the bran of the Japanese-style room, you can use it integrally with the living room, and the height of the small rise is adjusted so that you can sit as a bench.

For the wife who grows plants like a forest on the balcony, the narrow balcony was not enough, and an inner balcony was set up to make room for plants to enter the room.

It became a house where you can spend a relaxing time while keeping a distance from each other.