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House in Hoshioka by Taichi Nishishita Architect & Associate

House in Hoshioka by Taichi Nishishita Architect & Associates

Architects: Taichi Nishishita architect & associate
Social Media: @taichi_nishishita_architects
Location: Ehime Japan
Site Area: 159.14㎡
Floor Space: 104.82㎡
Project Year: 2019
Photographs: Hirokazu Fujimura

Manufacturers / Products
Exterior wall: Painted Larch
Ceiling: White Soil, Pine
Floor: Larch, Japanese SUGI
Interior wall: White Soil, Japanese Plaster

View of river and mountain opposite site. I tried to have a natural and modest appearance that blends into the mountains and rivers.

I hope that the trees in the garden will change the seasons and the appearance will change over time beautifully, making it a place where people in the area can feel at ease.

Our family doesn’t need a bigger house than we need. I think that a small house can live affluently.

This house doubles as an office, So I tried to secure an appropriate distance between the living space and the work space.

Although the corridor is a narrow entrance, it creates a feeling of change and an expanse as a space experience by giving a feeling of spaciousness and brightness beyond the line of sight. In addition to the role of a passage, it also plays the role of storage at the center of the house.

The living room aims to be a space surrounded by open and gentle light with a beautiful view. I hope that the large plastered walls will create a gradation of light.

The balcony is an open and private space surrounded by a large roof. This large eaves blurs the line between the inside and the outside. I think this intermediate area is the most comfortable space.

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