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House B in Vienna by Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architects

House B in Vienna by Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architects

Client: Private
Location: A-1190 Vienna
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Maria Megina, Alexander Janowsky Construction
Period: 2017-2018
Area: 335 m²
Capacity: single-family house

Statics: Bollinger-Grohmann-Schneider, Vienna
Geotechnics: 3P Geotechnik, Vienna
Building physics: IBO – Austrian Institute for Building and Ecology, Vienna
Building services: TB-Obkircher, Vienna
Electronics: Palmeshofer, Zwettl
Master builder: Leitzinger Bau GmbH , Michelhausen
Steel construction: Zeman, Vienna
Carpenter: Heigl Holzbau, Lunz am See
Locksmith: Metallbau Fischer-Poschinger, Pischelsdorf
Carpenter: Kirchberger, Linz
Window: Schwarzmann, Schoppernau
Drywall: W2 drywall, Vienna
Landscape: Kramer und Kramer, Tulln

Photos and video: Marc Lins

The unique location of the house on a steep slope on the outskirts of Vienna captivates with a fantastic panoramic view over vineyards, Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg to the Danube. That is why we pursued the goal of bringing this landscape into the house and making it tangible right from the start with the client.

A 36-meter-long transom, glazed on all sides, with an external graphite-gray steel structure, floats 12 meters freely cantilevered on the massive base. On the street side, the garage with storage and technical rooms is pushed into the slope. A staircase and an elevator open up the three floors. If you take the stairs, the wide overhang of the upper floor forms an inviting, covered entrance area that can also be used as a terrace. 

On the garden level of the plinth, an extra-high hall welcomes visitors, behind it are the slightly lower guest and children’s rooms with sanitary facilities and a utility room.

A single staircase leads from the ground floor into the glass block and also separates the open living-dining-kitchen area with fireplace from the private rooms such as the library, master bedroom, bathroom with a free-standing bathtub with a view of the greenery and sauna. Lines of sight from one end of the floor to the other reinforce the spacious feeling of living. 

The intimate living room at the back leads directly to the terraced garden with a pool. At the front, the covered terrace with a glass balustrade invites you to enjoy the wonderful view.

The base, made of hand-hammered concrete, is structured by evenly cut windows, the height of which follows the course of the slope. Walls made of exposed concrete reinforce the robust impression of the ground floor zone on which the graceful construction of the upper floor rests. As a contrast to the transparent steel-glass facade of the transom, the interior is completely clad in oak like a wooden box. 

This creates a warm atmosphere and a feeling of security, despite the all-around glazing, without disrupting the direct relationship to the surrounding nature. The result is a modern, cubic building with high architectural demands that makes use of the difficult hillside location. Self-confidently, with clear, almost strict lines, the house stages itself and the surrounding landscape.