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Gama Issa v2.0 by studio mk27

Gama Issa v2.0 by studio mk27

The Gama Issa v2.0 by studio mk27 has a sleek box exterior with the walls painted in pristine white. This monochromatic palette is continued in the minimalist interior complemented by various shades of gray elements.

The house has a spacious living room with an upper level containing built-in bookcases. Its large sliding glass doors that span 17 meters open out to the lush garden with a stunning lap pool. The merging of the space enables the room to appear much bigger. The kitchen is filled with minimalist cabinetry and a huge gray central island under the double vent hood. It also includes large sliding glass doors leading out to the open patio.

The house is packed with captivating elements such as two symmetric staircases sandwiched by the white walls and modern furniture completing the sleek look. Oversized pendants and an eye-catching spiral staircase add visual interest in the home.

Architecture: studio mk27
Architect: Marcio Kogan
Co-architect: Lair Reis.
Photography: Fernando Guerra