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French Door Dimensions and Sizes (Charts and Tables)

A collage of different types of French doors.

Who doesn’t love French doors, especially if your style of house is a good fit (many styles are a good fit).

I mean, take a look at that series of three sets of French doors above.  It looks great.

The question this article and series of charts addresses is the sizes and dimensions of French doors. As you’ll see it’s not as simple as you might think.

French doors leading to a porch

The advantage of French patio doors is how they swing open, allowing both doors to be usable as opposed to sliding doors which only allow half of the door space to be open for ingress and egress purposes. The disadvantage of French doors is they require space to swing open.

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French Double Doors Inswing

Chart Dimensions of a French Double Doors Inswing

French doors are designed for access to a patio, deck, or porch on the side or rear of the house, or perhaps as a secondary door on the front of the house which isn’t intended as the main entry door. French doors are available in the same sizes as the primary entry door but are meant for convenience to the people who live in the house and their guests.

French Double Doors Outswing

Chart Dimensions of a French Double Doors Outswing

Outswing French double doors provide the same function as inswing doors but again, with specialty hinges so the doors don’t take up space which might be better used inside the house.

French outswing patio doors have the specialized outswing hinges which don’t allow themselves to be disassembled by a crook with a screwdriver. The space required to use the door as it swings open is transferred from the inside room to the outside, on the patio the door gives access to.

Triple French Door

Chart Dimensions of a Triple French Door

Triple French doors are a rare sight in modern homes, but essentially offer the appearance of three doors, two of which actually open. The double doors are useful in practical terms when opened singly or in tandem, the third is a cosmetic piece which fills the opening and makes the doors become a gorgeous focal piece for each of the rooms the doors adjoin.

French Triple Doors Outswing

Chart Dimensions of French Triple Doors Outswing
French triple doors follow the same cosmetics as the double doors, but allow for a larger and more luxurious opening. When closed and not being used they allow much more natural lighting to enter the room. Triple doors can provide up to 9′ of opening space.