14 Awesome Floor Lamps Under $100

Here's a great collection of floor lamps priced under $100. We include options under $50 and under $30. These are really nice and very budget-friendly. Check them out.

Living room with a terrific floor lamp

Floor lamps are great. I love them because they’re so versatile. We have 3 of them and while they usually remain in place, there are instances where we move them around to illuminate an area temporarily. Or sometimes, if bulbs go out and we don’t have a replacement on hand, I just grab a floor lamp so the room isn’t totally dark.

While you can spend a fortune on floor lamps, you don’t have to. There are many great floor lamps under $100. In fact, as you’ll see below, we also set out floor lamps under $50 and under $30.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to light up a room, get a reading light or just want a couple of extra floor lamps on hand, check out the inexpensive options below.

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A. Five awesome floor lamps under $100

1. Gambier 3 Piece Table and Floor Lamp Set

Floor lamp with metal build and blackened bronze finish.This package of floor lamps contains 3 floor lamps with 2 floor lamps of same size and one is taller than other two floor lamps. Gambier floor lamp set will illuminate your great room or bedroom in cohesive manner. These floor lamps are manufactured from metal in blackened bronze finish, one 60 inches floor lamp and two 26 inches tall floor lamps. Wrought iron has been used for manufacturing of these floor lamps. The elegant looking floor lamps are accentuated with bend bars. These lamps use LED lights for smooth brightness. Gambier floor lamp set is available in one year warranty. This floor lamp set has been rated 4.5 stars by the users. Its market price is $78.99.

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2. Bridgers 59″ Floor Lamp

Tall elegant floor lamp with fabric shade material and rotary switch.

This tall elegant looking floor lamp is best suitable for your dining hall. It has the ability to spread light equally in the room. This lamp is also manufactured from metal. However, it uses fabric as shade material. It has two rotary switch attached to it. This lamp has been uniquely styled as it bears circular bridges on its frame. Bridgers floor lamp is only available in silver color. Now days, it has discounted rate of $73.99.

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3. Shipton Crystal and Metal 61.5″ Floor Lamp

Crystal floor lamp with warm glowing light and silver crystal accent.Shipton Crystal floor lamp can be used on the sofa side for welcoming the guests with its warm glowing light. This floor lamp will add flair to ensemble. This floor lamp is manufactured from metal with brushed finishes. Its base is accentuated with silver crystal for adding glamour. At the top, the appearance is levelled with beige linen shade to highlight the only light that it contains. This lamp is available at nominal rate of $51.99. Up till now, users have rated it with 4 stars.

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4. Schofield 58″ Floor Lamp

Stylish floor lamp with antique bulb on a long rod.

At the top, Schofield floor lamp spreads up like a tree branch swirled with leafs at the end. This stylish floor lamp is available in different lighting styles. The antique bulb mounted on a long rod looks fabulous. This beautiful floor lamp is also available in discounted price at Wayfair. Due previous high rates, it has not been rated well eough by the viewers.

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5. Kaibab 65″ Task Floor Lamps Under $100

Stylish floor lamp with aged dark finish and neat-lined design.

This floor lamp has been designed by Trent Austin Design. This stylish lamp is best suited to use at the entrance of your home or hall. It will assist to fall smooth glowing light to welcome the guests. The aged dark finish and neat-lined design give it perfect appeal to captivate the viewers. It has heavy base for stability. Unique feature of this floor lamp is that you can adjust the height. This floor lamp is voted 4 stars by large amount of viewers.

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B. Five awesome floor lamps under $50

1. Ariana 63.3″ Column Floor Lamp

Floor lamp with open design and three tiers.This Ariana floor lamp contains open design and three tiers. This floor lamp can be used to display family photos in the living room. Ariana floor lamp has the ability to produce glowing light in the living room. Top tier contains incandescent light while middle and lower tiers can be used for displaying pictures or storage. Users have given this gorgeous lamp 4 stars rating on average.

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2. Glenville 61.5″ Floor Lamp

Versatile floor lamp with rounded base and lighter stand along with three way rotary system and fabric shade material.

Make soft and warm glowing rooms with this versatile floor lamp. This should be placed in unused corner for making that corner lively and appealing. This has been manufactured from resin. It contains rounded base and lighter stand with turned details for giving it perfect look. Best feature of this floor lamp is that it has three way rotary system which let you adjust its brightness as you would like. It uses fabric as shade material. It has been given 4.5 star rating on average.

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3. Eleonor 70″ Arched Floor Lamp

Lightweight floor lamp with easy adjustment facility and low weight.

This lamp contains perfect light for any kind of room. It has best feature of adjustability. It gives you the freedom to use this floor lamp where you need it. Top is arched to present a beautiful view. Although, this lightweight floor lamp has sophisticated appeal for its viewers. It is highly rated due to its easy adjustment facility and low weight. It gives your home a rugged and rough accent.

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4. Lynn 62.5″ Floor Lamp

Chic style floor lamp with bronze hued finish and glowing paper shade.

This lamp is popular for creating aglow in chic style in your room. This beautifully styled lamp will add surprising beauty to your house. By combining a bronze hued finish with glowing paper shade, this lamp can turn any ordinary space in extraordinary glowing space. This floor lamp is best suited for romantic moments. Therefore, it would create a romantic effect when you are having date nights. If you are looking to freshen up your space then combine Lynn floor lamp with an orange arm chair, white shag rug and clean-lined gray sofa. This lamp uses 100watt incandescent bulb to illuminate the glowing paper. It is popular floor lamp design among people who seek romance and style.

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5. Della 71″ Torchiere Floor Lamp

Floor lamp with strong heavy base and three way rotary switch aling with iron and glass shades.

Della Torchiere floor lamp has strong heavy base to provide it stability. It uses silver finishes for creating elegant look. It has three way rotary switch which will turn on torchiere light or reading light. Three way rotary switches can turn on both lights simultaneously. Smaller lighted can be adjusted according to requirements. It has iron and glass shades.

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C. Five awesome floor lamps under $30

1. Heredia-Santoyo 71″ Torchiere Floor Lamp

Sophisticated floor lamp with plastic shade and white bowl along with silver finish.

This sophisticated floor lamp contains plastic shade, white bowl and silver finishing. Combination of all these makes it fit to the modern house designs. For dimmable light at night, 3 way rotary switches have been adjusted to it. You might consider it just normal floor lamp but you should experience its resilient and cool nature. This floor lamp comes with one year warranty. Heredia-Santoyo Torchiere lamp is cheaper than you think.

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2. Nahla 71.37″ Torchiere Floor Lamp

Charming floor lamp with rotary switch and fine silver finish with white shade.

A practical, charming and inexpensive floor lamp to meet the required lighting needs in the room. Nahla floor lamp uses two lights. At the top, it contains mother light or reading light. Beneath the mother light, daughter light is attached. A rotary switch is adjusted with it to control the both lights. This floor lamp uses fine silver finishes and white shades to give the captivating appearance.

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3. For Life 59″ LED Task Floor Lamp

Innovative floor lamp with off set shape and is lightweight.

This is special floor lamp designed by Navogratz family. This innovative floor lamp breathes freshness to your space. This lamp can be used in bedroom, living room and even in your home office. This floor lamp produces much brightness and light therefore it should be used where you think much light is required. This is lightweight lamp which allows you to adjust it anywhere without any complication. It will add beauty to your present home décor. This floor lamp uses off set shape which produces a best reading light. The shade can be adjusted upward which will create ambient light. This lamp is highly inexpensive and people’s favorite.

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4. Lawhorn 71″ Torchiere Floor Lamp

This plastic shaded lamp is best suitable for creating increased amount of light in your living room or in your walking hall. It contains incandescent and compact fluorescent light. Wayfair has only limited stock remaining. Therefore, it would be wise to purchase this elegant floor lump as quickly as you can because this lamp has all the features which you would love. Floor lamps will also make beautiful appearance of your study room or office room when these are placed with standing desks.

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