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Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Pirate Home in Key West, FL (Listed for $3.7 million)

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There are homes, and then there are pirate-themed homes. If you ever visited Disneyland Park’s Adventureland and wanted to take home all the pirate paraphernalia, then there is a home for sale that is just for you. Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Key West, Florida estate is now going on the market for a Blackbeard discount of $3.7 million. No surprise, the location and all of its amenities clearly have the pirate lovers of all ages drooling and wishing they could put in a bid.

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A Lot of History Built Into the Property

The home is not a newer, custom-built property. It actually dates back to 1863, smacks in the middle of one of the most famous and bloody American conflicts, the Civil War. The structure includes two stories and overlooks the property in a classic, colonnaded style of the Old South. Earnhardt Jr. moved in and clearly applied his own style of interior decoration that would make any boy, young or old, cry in jealousy.

That’s because the home is complete with pirate themes, ships, southern style living and lots, and lots of window surrounded by Florida’s traditional jungle outdoors. One can just imagine Jack Sparrow chasing a damsel or bottle of rum through the hallways with the British soldiers not far behind.

Significant Attention to Detail

With key load-bearing beams decorated by tightly wound ship-rope, deep dark stained woods and veneers on the walls and ceilings, and numerous window doors for airflow, one can be forgiven for think he or she just transplanted to the Caribbean inside. One room even has a mural of the classic Skull and Crossbones flag from the historical record and pirate fame; fortunately, it’s not in the bedroom to give someone nightmares in the middle of the night.

Don’t get too comfortable sharing secrets in the parlor room. Ears could be listening. The second floor has a hatch that can open, allowing airflow and sound from the parlor below. And in a location that is entirely in the tropic and surrounded by ocean and beautiful beaches, Earnhardt Jr.’s property also comes with one of the most substantial pools in the region, easily two fathoms deep. It’s a nice change from only being able to dip in seawater when it gets too hot.

Amenities to Note Upstairs

The primary bathroom enjoys a walk-in shower with a full glass wall panel as well as a sitting area, ideal for those who don’t want to fuss with tubs or stepping over. And it provides a light, airy decorative change from the darker wood atmospheres on the bottom floor. The same light-wall nautical feel carries through the rest of the upstairs rooms, all complete with full lighting, large room fans for air movement, and plenty of windows for outside access.

Finally, the primary and partner bedrooms enjoy a balcony walk, wonderful for evening sitting and accessible both inside as well with an outside spiral stairway. Complimented by 3.5 bathrooms and a 3,300 square foot living space, the Earnhardt Jr. property could easily double for a resort location operated by an exclusive getaway vacation firm versus being a private home.

Overall, Earnhardt Jr.’s home is a beautiful property and could easily be selected for a movie set with its striking beauty and look. And given the price tag compared to other locales, the home probably won’t stay on the market very long.

Photo credit: Andre van Rensburg