Contemporary Glass House in Vail Village

An aerial view of the house featuring the glass walls the make the house glow warm from the interior lights. Image courtesy of

A contemporary glass house that is sited on a quarter acre of land overlooking the Vail Village near ski slopes is now on the market priced at $13.9 million.

This house is measured at 5,132 square feet and looks like a monumental stack of glass cubes. It has a warm glow when lit at night. This includes five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a great room, a formal dining area, a wet bar, a split-level seating area, a steam shower, a sauna, a large central fireplace, a maid’s room, and a two-car garage.

This contemporary house made of glass in Vail is listed under Ron Byrne and Associates Real Estate.

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When Michael Tennenbaum, a California-based financier, fell in love with the idea of owning a vacation home in ski country and commune with nature away from the rat race, he wanted to take full advantage of the environment and feel a part of it in a way that picture windows won’t provide.

So thirty years ago, he hired California architect Ed Niles to design a glass house that would give the feeling of being outdoors but still be protected from the elements. As the house rose from the ground and neighbors started to complain that is was too modern for Vail, Tenenbaum kept his eye on the ball and has had 30 happy years enjoying and living his dream. Now for the first time, his unique creation is on the market.

Sited on a quarter acre overlooking Vail Village and surrounded by the Gore Range, Bald Mountain, and Red Sandstone Mountain, the 5,132-square-foot glass mansion looks like a monumental stack of cubes.

Quite stunning in its architecture by day and casting out a warm glow when lit at night, the five-bedroom, the five-bath home has 360-degree views, great room, formal dining area, wet bar, split-level seating area, a steam shower, sauna, large central fireplace, maid’s room, and a two-car garage. Marble floors are heated as are the driveway and granite steps leading to the entrance. For more information.

The first time for sale since it was built 30 years ago, the contemporary Vail glass cube house near ski slopes and 360-degree mountain and village views. Priced at $13.9 million.


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