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Chalet L by Silvia Acar Arquitetura

Chalet L by Silvia Acar Arquitetura

Architects: Silvia Acar Arquitetura
Area: 67 ft²
Year: 2018
Photographs: André Scarpa

The chalet L was designed to be just a room, a transparent refuge in the forest. For creating the feeling of being surrounded by the treetops, the refuge was raised from the ground, creating a space under it, where it is possible to do outside activities. There is also space on arrival to put boots and coats. Inside, a desk, sink, and a built-in nightstand creating a small refuge. The chalet area l is 6.25 m²

The implantation followed the criterion of existing glades in the forest, in a combination with the search for the best views of the mountain across the valley. The idea of minimal interference extends to the limit, so there is no construction for the parking area and accesses, these are made by trails on the ground.

The structure was designed as panels made of metal tubular steel profiles, previously built on frames, and only welded in place. The exterior is lined with cementitious slab on the sides to stop some of the late afternoon suns. The interior has thermoacoustic insulation coated with plywood lightly dyed in white. The roof is made with metallic layered tiles and the interior trimming liner keeps the interior cozy and even. The outside floor and staircase are made of expanded metal screen.