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Casa Elíptica by Mário Martins Atelier

Architect: Mário Martins Atelier

Photos by: Fernando Guerra

About Mário Martins Atelier

Mário Martins has extensive experience in the fields of architecture and urbanism thereby leading his company to its continuing and sustained growth. The company is based in Lagos, Algarve, Portugal but they cater clients from different countries. They were recognized internationally and has received several awards. The company’s mission is to create an innovative architectural project that’s technically solid and environment friendly.

From the name itself, Casa Elíptica resembles an elliptical shape that harmonizes with the coastal landscape. Its minimalist exterior heightened the stately architecture that’s graced by sleek and stark white detailing.

The home has two levels which are set at a complementing angle. The ground pool and the curved patio gently transitions to the grassy slope of the garden. The upper level extends past its glass-enclosed balcony giving the patio below a dramatic awning.

Inside, the minimal and pristine aesthetic continues. It is further enhanced by modern furnishings that are mostly in the shades of white and light gray. Sweeping curves, floor-to-ceiling glass walls, and more elliptical shapes perfectly blend together to create a complicated yet simple design.