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Casa Cravo by BZP Arquitetura

Casa Cravo by BZP Arquitetura

Location: São Paulo
Total built area (m2): 1.317m2
Office: BZP Arquitetura
Architect responsible: Bia Prado
Photographer: Alain Brugier

Designed to serve a couple and their three children, the residence has 3 floors and 1 basement. The construction was all designed to have a “long life”.

Therefore, timeless and weather-resistant materials and furniture were used. Made entirely of marble, black frames, fireplace lined in stainless steel, most of the furniture was imported and joinery was set up “in loco” for the execution of all custom doors and cabinets, such as dining room glass cabinets.

The living area is concentrated on the ground floor of the house, with gourmet space integrated into the balcony. Downstairs are social areas; on the second floor are the bedrooms and the private room; on the third floor, there is an attic and a wonderful area for socializing with children and friends.