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Carl G. Fisher’s Mansion in Miami, FL (Listed for $65 Million)

This is the aerial view of the gorgeous mansion festooned with tall tropical trees and lush landscaping to complement the terracotta tone of the driveway and roofs. Images courtesy of

The sprawling mansion that was once owned by Miami Beach developer Carl G. Fisher is up for sale. If you have an extra $65 million on hand, this house could be yours. You might want to see it before you make an offer, so let’s stop by for the grand tour.

You’re brought to this seaside resort after a short boat ride. After all, the site was once home to the Miami Yacht Club, so it’s only fitting that you should arrive here on one of these luxury vessels.

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Located on Star Island, this impressive,18,400 square foot home is bordered on three sides by lush lawns and palm trees. The property is situated on 1.5 acres, which include a 255-foot stretch of bay frontage. While this may seem like a rather modest lot size, it’s packed with amenities. Even better, the ocean is its backyard, offering breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay.

Upon entering, you’ll find yourself in a two-story, formal living room. If you like entertaining guests, you’ll have plenty of space. There’s also a formal dining room and chef’s kitchen with outdoor seating so you can enjoy food and drink with the sun on your back and the relaxing lull of waves lapping just a few feet away. The upper floor features balconies looking out on the bay’s pristine waters. There’s a 3,000-bottle wine cellar on the premises too.

If guests need overnight lodging, there’s no need to book hotel rooms. Carl Fisher’s mansion boasts 10 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. If, after all the bedrooms are taken, you still have a few couch-surfers to take care of, not to worry. There are several private family rooms you can use for this purpose. Just make sure everyone’s clear about when the party’s over. As guests make themselves at home in this slice of paradise, it might be difficult to get them to leave.

This place would also be an ideal location for an employees’ retreat, although, admittedly, it might be difficult to get anything done when the ocean is your playground. But, when it’s time to work, your team can take advantage of the home’s three offices. And when it’s time for fun, you can partake of the boat lift, swimming pool, and cabana. The property includes two private docks — great spots to put a line in the water or watch the sunset.

Carl Fisher knew that such a home would need considerable upkeep, so he equipped it with two separate living quarters for full-time staff; 5 are employed there currently. The house has more than 40 rooms in all, so we understand if you don’t have time to see them all.

About Carl G. Fisher

Carl Graham Fisher (1874-1939) quit school at age 12. He is credited with leading the way in building the first US transcontinental highway in 1913. One year later, in Biscayne Bay, he created the barrier island we call Miami Beach. He also spearheaded the construction of what eventually became the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.