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Can a Hutch Go in a Living Room?

A wooden dining room with hutch.

Your living room is a space where you can comfortably gather and relax with family and friends. If you want to add a bit of storage room to your living room area, you may be thinking of using a hutch. Placing a hutch in a living room is completely acceptable and may be the perfect solution to reducing clutter while providing you with a modern twist on an old-fashioned piece of furniture. 

What is a Hutch?

A room with a carpet and a ceiling fan.

A hutch is typically known as a large cabinet or cupboard that is used to store a variety of home goods, from china and glassware to linens and collectibles. In the past, hutches were most commonly placed in hallways as well as in kitchens and dining room areas, as they were known for holding fine dining ware, silverware, as well as kitchen gadgets and items. 

When To Use a Hutch in a Living Room

Living room with a TV in a hutch.

Placing a hutch in your living room is possible regardless of any current trends that are in style. Some reasons to think of moving your hutch into the living room might include:

  • You are going for a vintage theme: incorporating a hutch into your living room is a great way to introduce elements of the past into the current look and theme of your living space. 
  • You want to reduce clutter: If one of your main goals is to reduce the clutter you have throughout your home, you can begin by placing a hutch in your living room. Using a hutch as a clutter collector and as an organizer can prevent your house from becoming overloaded with toys, decor, and other pieces of clutter that quickly add up over time.
  • You have a large space: Using a hutch in a living room that is larger is also recommended, as it can help to fill the room without leaving it feeling too empty. A hutch is also ideal if you are working in a living room with extended high ceilings, as most hutches are at least four to six feet tall. 

Advantages of Using a Hutch in a Living Room

Placing a hutch in your living room can provide an array of advantages, such as:

  • Removing clutter: Storing home goods and keeping clutter out of the way has never been easier than with a hutch.
  • Create a focal point: Depending on the type of hutch you intend to place in your living room, you can use the hutch as an excellent focal point. If you are using a colorful, vintage, or even an oversized hutch, you can use all of these to help draw attention to a specific area of your living room. 
  • Use more of your living room space: If your hutch is large enough, you can store additional clutter, decor, pillows, blankets, and other living room items away and out of sight. By using a hutch, you will free up more space in your living room for seating as well as for additional living space altogether. 

How Do I Know if a Hutch is Right for My Living Room?

Determining if a hutch is suitable for your living room is subjective, and will depend on your own style preferences as well as the type of hutch you have available to use. When you are thinking of using a hutch in your living room, keep the following considerations in mind before coming to a decision: 

  • The size of your living room: How large is my living room? Is it suitable for the hutch I am thinking of moving into the area? How will the placement of the hutch impact the current layout and the amount of space I have available in my living room?
  • Ceiling height: How tall are my living room ceilings? Is the height of the ceiling in my living room appropriate for the height of my hutch? How tall is the hutch I intend to use?
  • Hutch size: Is the size of the hutch I want to use suitable for the current size of my living room furniture and decor? Will the hutch fit in with the current decor and furnishings I am using, or will I need new furniture to help the hutch appear normal in the area? 
  • Purpose: What purpose will the hutch serve in my living room? Do I have a need for a hutch in my living room space? If so, what is the purpose and how will a hutch help to create a living room that is more appealing as well as more functional for all? 

What Types of Hutches are Ideal for a Living Room Space?

A comfy living room with carpet and sofa.

There are thousands of types of hutches available for both kitchen goods as well as home decor, depending on your needs and the size of the hutch you are interested in for your own living room space.

Some hutches are entirely closed and use both swinging doors and sliding drawers, while others include glass panels and open shelves. Before placing any hutch in your living room, take time to research and compare hutch styles that are most suitable for the living room vision you have in mind.

How Can I Find a Hutch for My Living Room?

A wooden table with a flower vase.

Finding a hutch for your living room is possible by checking for any hutches you already have for kitchen spaces and hallways. You can also check with local resale stores as well as flea markets and online homemade stores, as there are many vintage and modern hutch designs available today. It is also possible to find a hutch that is right for your living room by visiting your preferred furniture store or by researching furniture stores and outlets online. 

Placing a Hutch in a Living Room

A kitchen with a hutch.

If you choose to place a hutch in your living room and are unsure of where the best location is, it is important to keep the purpose of the hutch in mind as well as the overall size of the living room you are working in.

Typically, the best location to place a hutch is up against a wall, especially if you are using a hutch that is tall or one that comes close to reaching your living room’s ceiling. Choose a wall that either draws attention to the hutch or diverts attention, depending on what you intend to use the hutch for in your living room.

Placing a hutch in a living room is possible whether you are completing a simple redecorating project or if you are overhauling your living room to fit a certain theme you have in mind. With the use of the right hutch, minimize clutter, create a stunning focal point, and help tie an entire space together with ease.