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Cad by TDA

Cad by TDA

Location: Sembrador Casi Herminio Gimenez, Lambare, Paraguay
Architecture: TDA®
Architecture: Miguel Duarte, Larissa Rojas
Collaborators: Magali Ibarrola, Marcelo Sanz, Luis Landivar
Structural Design: TDA® + Enrique Granada
Structural Calculation: Enrique Granada
Construction: TDA®
Built Area: 220m2
Year of Design: 2016
Year of Construction: 2017
Photographs: Federico Cairoli

A 12×30 plot.
Uneven ground surface (counter slope with respect to the street) ground with low mechanical resistance.
As it is a developing neighborhood, security was a major determining factor.

Now, a solution could be proposed by graphing reality, assuming it as limiting, understanding that all those issues that make this opportunity unique must be respected and monitored and that we can only order them functionally.

But… we assume a different role, we draw not only what exists (reality), but we also force ourselves to pose the reality we need, the one we do not have but urgently yearn for.

That reality that we do not know, seduces us but at the same time does not offer any certainty.

Consequently… we would produce knowledge based on experience. In the purest saying of the renowned Ernesto Sabato, when he writes

“A creation is one that finds unknown, new aspects in something perfectly known.”

Take familiar questions, and with them raise something new.
Topography, resources, needs, economy, materiality … Assumptions.

In this first half (soccer speaking) the block that shelters the family is built.

Using the topography as an excuse, the private area is located on a semi-level, on it, the public room and the kitchen, dominating the landscape.

In a second moment, the same block will appear, more to the front, but now only as a cover, constituting the gallery, garages, and the barbecue. This new structure contains a swimming pool. A system of routes, orders the flows and allows to conquer the house in all its development. An internal patio generates the necessary lighting and ventilation.

The structure names and arranges, the blindsides treated with a rough, broken common brick envelope, provides identity as well as thermally conditioning the interiors.

Grateful hugs master Ernesto.