Breathtaking Poolside Pavilion Design by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

A relaxing poolside is a fantastic way to de-stress and by adding a pavilion, this place can be a stunning entertainment hub.

Relaxing poolside is a fantastic way to de-stress, and the addition of a poolside pavilion designed by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects allows the owners of one Bel Air, California home to do just that. The 800-square foot project enhances the pool area with modern touches, yet pays homage to the traditional values of the existing home. You can see the details of the stunning addition in the picture gallery below.

Unique Features

Part of what makes the pavilion such a unique feature is that either extends the poolside area for additional entertainment or becomes its own entity separate from the rest of the yard. The building features glass panels and a sliding glass door. When opened, the space blends into the yard, creating an extension of the poolside area.

However, closing the glass doors, or even the billowing white curtains offers privacy and helps separate the space. There is also an outer area of the pavilion that has a fireplace to provide warmth and comfort on chilly nights.

Each space has its own definition, yet acts as an addition to the pool and surrounding area. For instance, the bar area is defined using bronzed mosaics and walnut millwork, while the study area offers a comfortable fold-down bed.

Teak lounge chairs that beckon residents of the home to sit and unwind enhance the grassy area around the pool. Most importantly, the pavilion and additional spaces designed around the pool create functionality and flexibility that did not exist before.

Improved Functionality

The building provides enhanced functionality to the backyard and poolside area. The homeowners can now entertain guests with comfort and ease. Whether rain or shine, the pavilion allows for outdoor gatherings.

When the weather permits, family members, and guests can relax near the fireplace, under the pavilion, or out in the yard in the lounge chairs. The building also provides the functionality of creating a family-friendly social space.

Families can enjoy spending time with one another while splashing in the pool. Parents can relax under the shade of the pavilion while keeping an eye on children playing in the in-ground pool. The study area also creates additional functionality in that it provides a place for everyone to sit and read, or do their homework.

To create the functional new addition, the designer used retractable, full-height sliding doors, a cast-in-place outdoor fireplace, and cambered steel beams. The use of dark, rich wood cabinets highlights the bar area with eye-catching appeal.

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Mosaic tiles line the countertops and backsplash of the bar and seem to complement the wood nicely. Minimalistic hardware makes the area seem sleek and modern. Although each space has its separate defining features, they come together in harmony to create a welcoming backyard retreat.

Overall, the decision to add a pavilion improved the poolside area by providing additional entertainment and relaxation options for the residents. Before adding the modernized space, the area seemed bland and unassuming.

Now, the homeowners can host backyard pool parties, barbecues, family gatherings, and other events that welcome outdoor socialization.

Design by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Design by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects