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Fabulous Black Rock Beach House in Ucluelet, BC

Black Rock beach house in Ucluelet - the great room viewed from the living room with huge dining table, l-shaped kitchen and reading area.

We recently enjoyed a short vacation at this home in Ucluelet, British Columbia. I rarely showcase homes and hotels we stay at on this website, but this home is a show home in every sense. The attention to detail throughout and outside is amazing.

Actually, this home has two separate home attached by a large keep-style foyer. We stayed on the side closer to the ocean (see first photo below).

The property is large and is situated on the ocean. In fact, the beach is a protected area behind large rocks. When the tide is in, the water rises up to the top of the beach. When the tide is out, much of the tidal area rocks are exposed. This turned out to be perfect for our kids who enjoyed exploring the exposed rocks when the tide was out.

The main floor is a great room; each area is very large. There’s a kitchen with island, living room, large dining table that seats 12 people comfortably and small lounge/reading area at the foot of the stairs. There is a nice powder room on the main floor as well.

The entire rear wall is glass that looks out onto the beach and ocean. There are double glass doors that open up to a long veranda-like deck lined with many Adirondack chairs. To the left is a hot tub with views of the ocean.

There are 3 spacious bedrooms upstairs as well as 3 bathrooms. Having so many bathrooms was convenient given there were 5 adults and 3 kids. Every bathroom was stunning. One shower doubles as a steam shower.

Two bedrooms enjoy balconies overlooking the ocean as well.

All-in-all, this home is incredible inside and out. While it is extensively decorated, you don’t get any sense of a cluttered feel. The spaces are large and open, which I like.

Check out this incredible home in Ucluelet.

If interested, you can rent this home here.