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Billy Graham’s Cottage in Montreat, NC (Listed for $599,000)

Billy Graham was known as America's preacher. His Montreat, North Carolina home is on the market for $599,000. Wood paneling and blonde hardwood floors are found throughout most of cottage. A stream with a walking bridge and wooded trails provide a natural getaway. The exterior of the home features stonework.

This is a close look at the cottage with stone-paved walkways, stone mosaic exterior walls and large glass windows adorned by the surrounding lush landscaping. Image courtesy of

Billy Graham is a cultural icon. He provided spiritual guidance and was known as America’s preacher. His Montreat North Carolina cottage retreat is now on the market for $599,000. 

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The Cottage

The cottage has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Wood paneling and flooring provide a cozy feel throughout the home. The focal point of the living room is the large stonework fireplace. The furnishings have a blue and white floral design. A blue and white geometric rug completes the look. 

The library and media room have a similar look. A stone fireplace and gray upholstery make the room perfect for relaxing. The dining room has a large rounded window with a beautiful view of the grounds and a large wooden dining table. 

The kitchen is a breath of fresh air. White cabinets pair with beige countertops. The exterior wall features three shuttered windows. Stone floors keep the room clean and cozy. 

The primary bedroom is simple and elegant. It features a large shuttered window. Hardwood floors are paired with beige walls. It’s furnished with a gray couch and a large bed. 

The second bedroom features the wood paneling found in the living and dining room. The kid’s bedroom has a large window with a large built-in desk underneath. It features white bunk beds and white walls. 

The large attic bedroom features an arched wood-paneled ceiling. A fireplace and built-in shelves give it a homey feel. The stone chimney provides a beautiful focal point. 

The Exterior and Grounds 

The cottage sits on 1/3 of an acre. It’s surrounded by well-manicured grounds and mature trees. The long winding concrete drive adds an element of seclusion. Stone steps lead the way to a small peaceful stream. If you cross the bridge, you can enter one of the many wooded trails through the forest. 

A paved driveway and a low stonework wall mark the entrance to the property. The driveway extends into a walkway and a patio in the back of the home. The patio includes lounging chairs and a dining area. 

The exterior walls of the home match the stonework wall. The front of the home has a flat low roof. The rear of the home has an attic and dormer windows. 

The Life of Billy Graham

Billy Graham was the first preacher to become a famous figure through television evangelism. He was the spiritual advisor to multiple presidents. He penned more than 30 books on Christianity. He was non-denominational and sought to unite Protestants from different denominations. He died at 99 in 2018. He passed quietly in his Montreat home.

Montreat North Carolina

Montreat is a village near Ashville, North Carolina. It has 700 residents and no commercial development. Montreat gets its name from the words mountain and retreat, and it lives up to its namesake. 

John S. Huyler played a large role in the area’s development. He was the largest candy manufacturer in the late 1800s, and once employed Milton Hershey, who went on to create the Hershey’s candy empire. 

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