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Before & After of Kate Anne Designs’ Dreamy Outdoor Oasis in L.A.

An outdoor living area with a round table and cushioned sofas next to olive trees with lantern lights hanging from the branches.

Ryan and Kate Anne Gross – the husband and wife team behind landscape design firm Kate Anne Designs recently unveiled their new project in Los Angeles, where they created a whimsical outdoor oasis for a young family.

Before Images

After Images

Photographer: Christian DuRocher

Kate and Ryan’s goal for the renovation was to create well-defined, functional, and kid-friendly spaces, perfect for entertaining, lounging, and taking in the Southern California sunshine.

The property features rustic, Spanish-style architecture and is surrounded by gorgeous Oak trees, which served as the inspiration for the outdoor spaces. The design team selected decomposed granite to help fill larger areas with a laid-back feel, while also being affordable and durable.

Because they were working with large spaces, Kate and Ryan wanted to use plants that are low water, evergreen, and grow large so they did not have to use an unnecessary amount of plants and trees.

They incorporated natural, reclaimed wood for the pergola and hanging chair structure, which added a beautiful patinaed brown, and serves as a focal point to the space. The light-colored foliage plants pop against the shredded mulch, and the vintage terracotta pots add charm and character.

Kate and Ryan space planned the furniture layouts and designer Kirsten Blazek of A1000xBetter selected the furnishings and outfitted the space with sophisticated and comfortable style.

Each area of the outdoor space tells its own story and is expertly designed to create a relaxing, low-maintenance, outdoor oasis that will last for generations to come.