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Barbra Streisand’s Movie Set Apartment in West End Avenue, NY (Listed for $2.895 Million)

Previously owned by Barbra Streisand, an apartment from the 1920s near to Central Park is currently up for sale. Find out what it is like to live in apartment 3B in the Upper West Side, akin to the unit in “The Mirror Has Two Faces.” Streisand's 11-window three bedroom space is full of glamour.

This is a gorgeous great room that houses the living room and the dining area under one large white ceiling that is illuminated by the row of floor-to-ceiling-windows on the far side of the great room. Images courtesy of

The home of one of the most popular actresses and singers of the 1970s and 1980s is currently up for grabs. If you are a huge fan of Broadway songs or romantic comedies, check out Barbara Streisand’s home for sale.

The New York residence is located at 505 West End Avenue, NYC. The home is actually in a building in the Upper West Side that features 14 stories. The asking price of the property is $2.895 million.

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Perhaps an even bigger thrill than living in the celebrity Streisand’s former home is the exterior. Right outside of this majestic property is the tree-lined avenues that make ways around Central Park. You are within a runner’s distance of the park, which is a win-win for many New York homeowners interested in an upgrade to their property portfolio.

The property was originally under the care of Sergei Rachmaninoff, a pianist and composer from Russian. He lived here in the 1920s with his family during the Russian Revolution. The apartment was designed by Gaetano Ajello in 1922. The architect was channeling the flamboyant time of the Roaring Twenties also known as the flapper era.

As a result, the Upper West Side apartment features 11 large windows that allow for plenty of bright sunlight to cheer up the space. In addition, there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The rooms are restored to their original shine and glory. Copper pipes, crown molding, marble, wainscoting, herringbone, and oak flooring are part of the stately features. The heart and hearth of the home also feature Sub-Zero, Miele, and Wolf appliances.

This brings the space up to the expectations of the contemporary homeowner while maintaining the original feel of the architect’s design. The home comes equipped with bike storage and laundry service. In addition, homeowners have the security of a live-in superintendent to manage any maintenance or service issues.

Rachmaninoff lived in the apartment that was used in a movie by Streisand, apartment unit 3B. This apartment was part of the inspiration and filming location for “The Mirror Has Two Faces.” This was a romantic comedy that Streisand was doing in 1996. The storyline is thought to run along with the history of the apartment itself. After winning many awards for the role and the film, Streisand ended up purchasing the apartment 3B.