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Apartment LN by Firma Arquitetura

Apartment LN by Firma Arquitetura

Architect: Cadu Miller (firma arquitetura) + Guido Otero (goaa)
Location: Itaim Bibi, São Paulo, Brasil
Area: 140.0 m²
Year completed: 2013
Photos: Pedro Kok
Contractor: Alfonso Fierro
Woodwork: Valter Vieira
Locksmiths: Levi Peixoto – Serralheria Cabrália


The uniqueness of the LN apartment is in its location: on top of a building located in the middle of the Pinheiros river valley. It was from this characteristic that the main objective of this reform was established – to provide a young couple of residents, through a simple and fluid plant, ample spaces with free perspectives, capable of capturing the surrounding landscape inside the apartment.

Program Organization

The program is divided into two floors: on the lower floor are all the social areas of the apartment – living room, kitchen, and the large veranda-garden, which has a deck and a barbecue elegantly shaded by a pergola specially developed for this project. Based on the residents’ taste for cooking and welcoming friends, the kitchen was designed to be fully integrated with the living room, separated only by a central bench that can be used both to prepare meals and to serve or enjoy them.

On the upper floor, on the other hand, are more intimate programs, such as the couple’s suite, a small office, and a balcony with exclusive access through the suite. Still, in the couple’s suite, a small window, a hatch, opens to the void of the stairs in a discreet way, announcing the change of scale and allowing ventilation and natural lighting of this space.

Materials and furniture

The materials and furniture were designed so as not to compete with the proposed space, always opting for simple materials – steel and wood – and pieces of minimalist lines, which discreetly support and support the daily activities of residents.


In contrast to the simplicity in the use of materials and textures, the details of the encounters between pieces seek to combine wealth and clarity, containing meanings and expressions of their own.