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Yoma Suites in Zakynthos, Greece by USP

The cave suite located in a steep, narrow piece of land.

Year: 2022
Area: 270sqm. / 7500sqm. [landscape] Location: Zakynthos, Greece
Photographer: Anima Vision / Nick Kontostavlakis
Architect: USP
Partners in Charge: Maria Tsaftari, Kostas Floros
Lead Architects: Dimitra Parathyra, Aliki Varlamidi
Design Team: Zacharias Kechagioglou, Stella Avgerinou, Panagiotis Skraparlis, Maria Petsani
Electromechanical Study: Arxiko Consulting Engineers
Structural Study: Dimitris Tiris

Yoma is a complex of cave suites in the island of Zakynthos. In a steep, narrow piece of land, of west orientation, the complex of 10 private suites, are placed along the inclination to maximize privacy, view openness, and outdoor area for each suite.

The intention to merge the buildings into the landscape led the composition to be developed on four levels: the reception area of the complex is located at the higher one, at the entrance of the plot,while at the other three the suites are developed.

A prismatic plan layout was developed to maximize the length of the facade to the view, and minimize the width of the back of the rooms that house the wet areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Those prisms are attached and continuous, yet completely private, by the walls of the prisms that continue from the inside outdoors.

The suites have one or two bedrooms with their own bathroom, living room, kitchen and dedicated working space for the working traveller, as well as private swimming pools, and a terrace with a pergola.

Natural light is allowed in all areas of each villa, via lightwells. The material palette is based on earthy tones, sandy colors, oak wood finishes, light fabrics, and veiny marbles.