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What is a Window Scarf?

A window scarf is a great option to use as a window treatment in a room in which you want to allow plenty of natural light yet have an elegant style around the window frame. Learn more about window scarves and how to hang them in this article.

This is a window with window scarf of a white sheer curtain.

A window scarf is a great option to use as a window treatment in a room in which you want to allow plenty of natural light yet have an elegant style around the window frame. Learn more about window scarves and how to hang them in this article.

Window scarves are a great option for window treatments in your home or office. I have used windows scarves in my own home several times for the simple fact that they are gorgeous, versatile, and they still allow plenty of natural light to flood the room in which you are using them. I have used windows scarves on all three of my windows in my living room as well as my bedroom in my home office.

You can buy windows scarves and they are also very simple to make see you can create your own.

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What is a Window Scarf?

A window scarf is a piece of fabric, usually a lighter weight fabric, that hangs down on one side of a window or both sides from a curtain rod or from brackets at the top of the window. You can also create a window scarf out of material that you purchase or buy window scarves online at sites, such as Amazon or Wayfair, or at department stores, including Walmart and JC Penney. 

When I was growing up, my mom always liked a good drape on her windows. She used a thicker drapery with the sheer curtain under them and then tied the draperies back for a really elegant look for her picture window.

When I got my own home, I always used the curtain panel-style curtains until I discovered that I could just use a window valance with the mini-blind in each window for a really neat and clean look and style. Recently, I discovered window scarves and use a wrought-iron or brass curtain rod to hang them on for a very elegant look while allowing plenty of natural light to enter each room in my home.

In my bathroom, a window scarf and blind have been lifesavers since the shower wall was built to cover up part of the window and it is impossible to hang a panel curtain in that space. Window scarves dress up the room, depending on how elaborate of a look you are going for when choosing one. All you really need is the material to create the scarf itself and the appropriate hardware to hang it.

Hardware for a Window Scarf

The metal bracket for the curtain is being screwed into the wooden ceiling above window.

There are several ways that you can pick from to hang a window scarf. Like me, you can use a curtain rod and just drape the scarf material over the curtain rod. You can also use two brackets and drape the window scarf between them allowing it to curve in the center.

Windows scarves allow you to use your imagination and creativity to create a look in style all of your own that goes with the decor of your home. You can also pair windows scarves with different types of drapes, a pull-down shade, curtains, and blinds, which is the option I have chosen.

How to Hang a Window Scarf

The Niord Solid Sheer Window Scarf by Charlton Home from Wayfair.

Source: Wayfair

You can choose to hang your window scarf simply draped over a regular curtain rod or make it fancier with a brass one or wrought-iron rod in black with brackets on each side as I did or you can even use a shower curtain rod. This works very well if you are hanging a window scarf over a doorway or archway.

You can even add a sheer curtain to the doorway for an even fancier look and style that is sure to be a hit with guests to your home. You can also use brackets or hooks to hang your window scarf which we discuss further below.

Hang a Single Window Scarf on a Rod

This is a woman installing the curtain rod and bracket on the wall.

You can choose to use a decorative curtain rod that boasts beautiful knobs on each side and is held in place with strong and durable hardware to hang your window scarf. You can simply wrap it two or three times around the curtain run, holding it in place with safety pins, and allow your window scarf to hang down loosely like a waterfall along with a window frame or you can create a swag curtain which is my favorite look in style.

You can also loop the window scarf around the ride several times and even add several different colors of windows carved to create an even more elegant look. You can have the window scarf on each side hang it even links or stagger it for a more natural appearance. The choices you have and how to hang your windows scarf are totally up to you by using your imagination and creativity to go with the decor of your home.

The rod you use can be made of any strong, durable material, from brass to plastic or even wood.

Brackets, Hooks, and Sconces

BTSKY Pair of Phoenix Glass Crystal Curtain Holdbacks Hooks Drapery Tiebacks Tassel Holder (Silver)

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You can choose to use brackets on each side of a rod or simply hang your window scarf by using hooks or brackets on each side. Another option is to use gorgeous sconces on each side that you can buy at a variety of places, including Amazon, Wayfair, and even Walmart. By using hooks and sconces are, your window scarf can be created to look more like a beautiful curtain valance above your window or even a doorway.

You can even use a pole to hang your window scarf above a window or door with some sheer fabric for a living room or bedroom or pair it with window shades for a different look and to keep the sunshine out when you do not want it. If you are using a window scarf in a bedroom, it may be a good idea to use window blinds that act as a blackout curtain of sorts so you are not woken up at sunrise by the light coming in through the window.

Hang Multiple Scarves Together

The Striped Semi-Sheer Window Scarf by Lark Manor from Wayfair.

Source: Wayfair

As we talked briefly about above, you can use multiple scarves hanging together for a very unique and gorgeous look in style for your home. You simply use two windows scarves of contrasting colors that complement each other and wrap them together around the curtain rod or even braid them together for an even different look and style. You can even use more than two if you want a very layered look for your window treatment.

Windows scarves are very decorative as window treatments and they are super easy for you to arrange and style just the way you want them to match your home decor. You can experiment with a variety of different styles and colors as well as fabrics. While cotton and polyester fabrics are pretty common and inexpensive, you can also opt for fabrics like silk or organza if you are going for an even more elegant look.

FAQs About Window Scarves

What is a cafe curtain?

A cafe curtain is a curtain that hangs straight down in is usually hung in pairs on a cafe curtain pull. The curtains hang from loops or rings and are used to cover a window but can also be used to cover a door.

What is a rod pocket?

Rod pocket curtains, which are also known as pole top or casement curtains, are a great window treatment to use if you are going for a very high-end style. They offer a very classy style and regal elegance to your home décor.

What is a scarf swag?

A scarf swag is a window scarf that is long, usually hung in a swoop style that reaches the floor and forms a swag. You can use a scarf swag holder to hang it or a drapery rod.