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VD Villa by Pak Architects

VD Villa by Pak Architects

Architect: Pak Architects
Year: 2022
Location: Vạn Điểm – Thường Tín
Area: 600 m2

The use of organic and raw materials makes the VD Villa blends perfectly with its surroundings. Wood slat exterior combines with concrete to create a sleek yet cozy and warm atmosphere. It harmonizes with the pond and lush landscaping bringing serene and tranquil vibes.

The exquisite charm is carried inside. Textured walls and concrete flooring continues the cohesive design. They are adorned by colorful and contemporary furnishings. Surrounding floor-to-ceiling windows in the dining area add a nice touch.

A narrow hallway with vaulted and beamed ceiling along with full-height glazing at its end leads to the bedrooms. One side of the wall is painted red to create a nice contrast. The bedrooms are concealed behind nice archways.