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13 Types of Flagstone for Your Patio, Floor, Walls, Kitchen, Bathroom and More

Swimming pool with large flagstone patio

There’s something very appealing about natural materials. Wood flooring is by far the most popular flooring material. Likewise, natural stone is very popular for many interior and exterior parts of a home (including floors, but wood is more popular). This article helps to explain and define the many types of flagstone.

What is flagstone?

Flagstone is simply a flat stone that’s used for paving. For houses, it’s typically used for patios, balconies, some interior floors (i.e. slate), walls (i.e. bathrooms), fireplaces, walkways and in rare instances, driveways.

As you can see from the list below, there are many flagstone options, textures, colors and uses.

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1. Slate

Kitchen with slate flooring

Kitchen with slate flooring.

Bathroom with slate floor and wall

Bathroom with slate floor and wall.

Slate is one of the most common types of flagstone that people use when they want to make wall cladding. You will see slate adorning the sides of people’s homes somewhat often. It is a fairly soft type of flagstone that is excellent for chiseling. This makes it very easy to shape slate as you see fit and it is popular for artistic purposes for this reason.

This type of flagstone has a very distinct look to it. You will often see slate come in silver or a sort of gray color. It is also possible for the slate to be green or a copper color. It depends on the combination of minerals inside of the slate and a few other factors.

You will mostly find slate in the northeastern regions of the United States of America. New York, Vermont, Virginia, and Pennsylvania are common locations for the slate to be found. The slate will have clay-like minerals inside of it and is a good multipurpose type of flagstone. It looks nice and is very practical to work with, so it’s definitely understandable why it has become one of the most common types of flagstone.

If you are going to use slate for wall cladding or other important purposes, it will need to be treated properly. Slate is somewhat soft and can flake away when it is chipped at. Sealing the slate and applying a stain is often necessary to protect it. It isn’t as durable as some other types of flagstone, but it can still be very practical to make use of it.

2. Sandstone

Sandstone pavers for walkway

Sandstone pavers for walkway.

Sandstone exterior on house

Sandstone exterior on house.

Sandstone is formed in sandy areas and can actually be quite beautiful. You will usually find sandstone in the southwestern regions of America. States such as Arizona, tend to have a lot of sandstone, so it is one of the places where sandstone is commonly plucked from. This type of flagstone has actually become very popular due to looking very beautiful.

People really enjoy the overall look of sandstone and choose to use it for many different purposes. It comes in a variety of different colors. The most common color of sandstone is beige, but it will also, sometimes, have a slightly red or pink color to it. You can also find sandstone that is dark red and even golden sandstone.

One of the reasons that sandstone is so popular is that it is quite weather resistant. This is a dense type of flagstone that can withstand some harsh conditions without having it negatively impact its overall aesthetic appeal. Sandstone also stays cooler on the surface than other types of flagstone during the summer months. This can make it easier to work with and generally is more desirable.

It isn’t too uncommon to see people using sandstone to make patios and walking paths. It is pretty enough to help make these areas stand out while also being durable enough to withstand regular use. The only negatives about this type of flagstone are minor. If you don’t stain your sandstone, then it may be prone to staining and it can also be damaged during a freeze.

3. Basalt

Naturally forming basalt wall

Naturally forming basalt wall in Iceland.

Basalt is known as a volcanic rock and it has many positive qualities that make it sought after. This flagstone is most often found in British Columbia and Montana. It has a very light texture to it and will be a good material to use in many projects. It may not be as striking as some of the other flagstones on this list, but they still do have a certain charm to them.

You can find basalt in a few different colors. You will most commonly find basalt in a natural gray color, but it can also be either beige or black. These colors aren’t necessarily the most vibrant choices so they won’t stand out to everyone. People who are looking for a material to use for a more refined project may find that basalt will work out nicely.

The real benefit of basalt is that it has sound absorption qualities. This makes it quite nice to use for walls when you want to drown out sounds from the outside. It has really great natural insulation and you will be able to take advantage of these qualities quite easily. It will just come down to whether or not the basalt can provide what you are looking for from a visual perspective.

It should be noted that the basalt can wind up looking dull after some time. It has a tendency to dull in color and this can be a bit frustrating. The dulling of the basalt isn’t necessarily incredibly pronounced, but it is noticeable in many cases. Just be aware of this before you decide to make a purchasing decision.

4. Quartzite

Kitchen with quartzite countertops

Kitchen with quartzite countertops.

Quartzite is a fantastic choice to use for many different projects. It has a lot of amazing qualities that you will absolutely love. You can find this type of flagstone in Oklahoma, Idaho, and even parts of Northern Utah. It is known to have a very smooth surface and appears to be glossy when you are looking at it.

The popularity of quartzite is partially due to how pretty it can look. You will be able to enjoy many different colors if you choose to use quartzite as a material for your next project. Quartzite can appear in gold, silver, blue, green, tan, or gray colors. There will even be different shades of these colors to pick from, so it really is very versatile from a visual perspective.

You will also be able to enjoy how durable this material is. Quartzite can stand up to quite a bit of abuse without losing its luster. Rain won’t be a problem for quartzite and it can stand up to general wear and tear as well. It is even capable of resisting chemicals effectively, making this a great option for many projects.

People often use quartzite to build patios and walkways due to it having a non-slip surface. It is better at resisting stains than something such as sandstone, too. You will have to be somewhat careful about maintaining this type of flagstone to keep its textured surface looking nice. As long as you are aware of this and don’t mind having maintenance performed, this is going to be one of the best flagstone options available to you.

5. Limestone

Limestone wall panel

Limestone wall panel.

Limestone is really common and people use it for all types of purposes. It is capable of providing any home with an elegant look. Whether you are using limestone for flooring or if you are creating an extravagant patio area, it is going to look very beautiful. This is one of the most typical flagstones that people choose to work with because of how durable it is and its overall beauty.

You will find limestone in Indiana and it is available in quite a few colors. You’ll be able to pick from beige, yellow, gray, and black. You will truly be able to create a fantastic environment if you make use of limestone to its full extent. It can work well for several home projects and is going to be fairly simple to work with as well.

People who live in humid climates will really love what limestone can bring to the table. It can stand up to the humidity without it being a big issue. It has many weather-resistant properties that allow it to look great even after it has been through many seasons. This makes limestone a very long-lasting material to use outside of your home.

When it is used properly, limestone can last for an incredibly long time. It is very heavy though, and this can make it a little tough to maneuver it if you do not have the right tools. You will also need to be careful about acid because limestone is susceptible to being damaged by it. As long as you know about all of this, you should be able to plan ahead to keep things safe.

6. Travertine

Kitchen with travertine wall.

Kitchen with travertine wall.

Travertine wall close up.

Travertine wall close up.

Travertine fireplace.

Travertine fireplace.

Travertine is essentially a variant of limestone. It is more compact than traditional limestone and has differences in appearance because of this. The overall look of travertine is more weathered than its limestone cousin. There are pitted holes present in the travertine that give it a very aged look.

Most of the travertine in America is found in Texas and Oklahoma. The most common color to find travertine in naturally is brown. There are various shades of brown that are quite common, but there are other colors available, too. You can find tan and grayish-blue travertine without too much trouble.

Much like the limestone mentioned above, travertine is a durable flagstone. It is perfect for outdoor projects and many people will use it for patios or other outdoor features. It is capable of staying cooler on the surface than most types of flagstone, making it a good material for the summer months. The rugged nature of this stone also ensures that it can stand the test of time.

The one big problem with travertine that you should be aware of is that you have to be careful due to the pits on the surface. The pitted surface can wind up making maintenance more of a chore than it is with many other types of flagstone. Finishing it can also be somewhat taxing, but it can be worth all of the effort. If you are willing to put in the work, then travertine will be an excellent material for you to use outdoors.

7. Bluestone

Bluestone wall

Bluestone wall.

Bluestone cobbles

Bluestone cobbles.

Bluestone is a very dense type of flagstone that is often used for paving. When people want to have paving that is going to look pretty while remaining in good shape, bluestone is often what they wind up turning to. It really does look quite nice and is also capable of providing your property with a very classic look. Once bluestone is installed, it will look very flat with a rough type of texture.

Most of the bluestone is found in the Northeastern United States. New York and Pennsylvania are the specific locations where people go to get their bluestone. The colors of bluestone that are available help to make it stand out from the pack. You can find bluestone in blue, purple, and gray.

This type of flagstone is perfectly suited to the harsh winters of the northeast. Bluestone can withstand the winter temperatures, the ice, and the snow. You will be able to enjoy a dense surface that will stand up to whatever winter can throw at it. It also has a non-slip surface, which makes it even more desirable as a paving option.

There are a few issues to be aware of when you are thinking about using bluestone, though. Firstly, it needs to be properly treated so that the color will not fade away. You will also need treatment to keep your bluestone safe from salt and chlorine. Salt is commonly used to break up ice during the winter, so treatment is going to be essential if you live in a cold-weather area.

8. Arizona Flagstone

Arizona rosa flagstone pieces

Arizona rosa flagstone pieces.

Close-up photo of Arizona flagstone used for landscaping.

Close-up photo of Arizona flagstone used for landscaping.

Arizona flagstone is a variant of sandstone that has become quite common. People often use Arizona flagstone to create really nice patio areas. It stands out for being beautiful while also remaining fairly cool during the summer months. This option for flagstone is used quite commonly in the southwestern United States, but you will also see it used elsewhere.

The most popular type of Arizona flagstone that is used is going to be red or slightly pink. It shares everything in common with the sandstone that is mentioned earlier in this list. This is just a particular type of sandstone that has become very popular. You will see Arizona sandstone being advertised at paving companies quite often.

If you want to have a type of flagstone for your patio that will work well in warmer weather, then this is going to be the perfect fit. You will be able to make a beautiful patio area using Arizona flagstone. It won’t get too hot during even the hottest months so you won’t have to be concerned about burning yourself.

This is one of the most convenient materials that you can use when you live in a warmer state. It also just looks really visually appealing. The red or pink nature of this type of flagstone really stands out. It is vibrant enough to make it popular just about everywhere, so it could be the practical choice that you have been waiting for.

9. Oklahoma Flagstone

Oklahoma Flagstone Slabs

Oklahoma Flagstone Slabs. Source: Classic Rock Stoneyard

Oklahoma flagstone is a type of flagstone that is native to Oklahoma. It is commonly used to help people to create impressive features for the outside of their properties. It has been used to make columns, walkways, steps, patios, and so much more. There are even people who choose to make countertops out of this Oklahoma flagstone.

Another common use for Oklahoma flagstone is as pool coping. When you want to install an impressive in-ground pool area, it can be very beneficial to have pool coping made out of Oklahoma flagstone. It will look beautiful and can really add to the overall design of your pool area. This material is very practical to work with and this has made it popular for so many different purposes.

There are several different colors of Oklahoma flagstone that you will be able to pick from. Most of them are different shades of brown, but you will also find some gray or grayish-blue options. Having many colors to choose from helps to make your experience that much better. You will be able to design the perfect features to suit your needs.

This type of flagstone is popular in many areas, but it is very common in Oklahoma and Texas. There are many stores that specialize in helping people install features using Oklahoma flagstone as the primary material. If this type of flagstone has caught your eye, then you should be able to make use of it rather easily. It isn’t an uncommon material or anything, so you will be able to get your hands on some.

10. Silvermist Flagstone

Silvermist flagstone for patios.

Silvermist flagstone for patios. Source: Outdoor Warehouse

Silvermist flagstone is actually a specific type of Oklahoma flagstone. This flagstone stands out for its beautiful silver appearance. This is a visually stunning type of flagstone that will work well for creating steps or patio areas. You can pretty much do whatever you want with silvermist flagstone, but these are just some of the more common uses for this gorgeous material.

There is an underlying elegance to the look of silvermist flagstone. If you enjoy the look of Oklahoma flagstone, then you are likely to fall in love with this silvermist flagstone variant. It has a very eye-catching quality to it that helps to make features stand out. When it is used to create a patio or steps for your home, it will certainly accentuate the beauty that is already present on your property.

This type of flagstone has become popular all across the country. It is a durable material that will last for a very long time. Being able to purchase something that is so objectively pretty while also knowing that it is rugged enough to last is great. If you want a nice material for building steps or a patio, then this is one of the best options that you can consider.

It isn’t necessarily going to be the least expensive option, though. Sometimes silvermist flagstone can be a little costly if you don’t have the right budget for it. It isn’t exorbitantly priced or anything, but it isn’t the most affordable type of flagstone either. Regardless, this is an incredible option that you should certainly consider.

11. Colorado Flagstone

Colorado Red Flagstone

Colorado Red Flagstone. Source: Krukowski Stone Co Inc.

Colorado flagstone is another type that looks really visually stunning. It actually comes in a wide variety of different colors that are sure to please you. One of the most popular color types for Colorado flagstone is gold. The gold appears very vibrant and it can really help you to create features that look truly impressive.

You will also be able to purchase Colorado flagstone that comes in other colors. Gray, brown, and tan are all fairly common colors for Colorado flagstone. You can also find Colorado flagstone that has a yellow hue or even a white hue. This gives you many options to choose from when you are trying to craft something that will perfectly suit your sensibilities.

This material has actually become popular to use for walls as well. It has a nice color and it can definitely help you to create a structure that will stand out. It’s a versatile enough material that you will love being able to use it in many different areas. It shouldn’t be too difficult to get your hands on either, even if you don’t live near Colorado.

12. Cafe Flagstone

Cafe Flagstone Paito

Cafe Flagstone Paito. Source: Rock Hard Landscape Supply

Cafe flagstone is a very common material that is used to make patio areas. It can be used for other purposes, but it works exceptionally well for patios. It will often have a mix of different colors in one slab, giving it a fairly unique look. This material is rugged enough to be used outside and that is generally where you will see it being placed.

When you want to purchase flagstone that is going to look good while being easy enough to use, cafe flagstone is going to fit the bill. You should be able to purchase cafe flagstone at a reasonable price, too. This won’t be incredibly hard to come by. There will likely be variants of the cafe flagstone that you will be able to choose from as well.

It is smart to take your time to pick out the perfect type of flagstone that is going to work for your project. There are many types out there and there are differences even among cafe flagstones. If you need assistance at any time, it can be good to reach out to the professionals that you are buying the flagstone from. They should be able to give you information and will guide you down a path to find the colors that you want, along with stones that will work well for your needs.

13. Cherry Blend Flagstone

Cherry Blend Flagstone

Cherry Blend Flagstone Nov14-18. Source: Classic Rock Stone Yard

Cherry blend refers to the coloring of the pavers as shown above.