Tresno by RAW Architecture

Tresno by RAW Architecture

Architecture Firm: RAW Architecture – Realrich Architecture Workshop
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Firm Location: Aries Utama H 4 A – Indonesia
Completion Year: 2019
Gross Built Area: 300 sqm
Project location: Karawaci, Tangerang, Indonesia
IG: rawarchitecture_best
Photo credits: Eric Dinardi
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Additional Credits
Lead Architects: Realrich Sjarief
Design Team: Septrio Effendi, Fadiah Nurannisa, Fadiah Nurannisa, Ellena Monica, Miftahuddin Nurdayat, Tirta Budiman, Regi kusnadi, Rimba harendana, Others (if it’s has not been mentioned).
Clients: Adrianus Andy Kartawidjaja + Frances Fabiani
Engineering: Singgih Suryanto, Eddy Bahtiar,Slamet Karim, Hamim
Landscape: RAW Architecture – Realrich Architecture Workshop

About the Firm Realrich Architecture Workshop

Realrich Architecture Workshop which well known by the name of RAW Architecture is an experimental design studio created by Realrich Sjarief. The Studio continues the craftsmanship technique of 3 generations of Realrich’s builder family since Indonesia independence. The conceptual approach involves a poetic solution to overcome the design brief.

The technique elaborated in the Realrich Architecture Workshop is the studies of context, application of tectonics grammar, evaluation of critical methodology grammar, and uses of stereotomic forms. The sum of all of the concept calls the objective of the studio to achieve a natural state of architectural mastery.

Located on the outskirts of Tangerang, Karawaci, one of the cities next to Jakarta, Tresno is the design of a simple tropical house in Jakarta. It’s simultaneously designed by the Geomancy principle creating 9 squares of the grid which forbids and allows some functions in the zoning such as the area of the north is for the master bedroom and south for the kid’s bedroom.

The squares consist of the 3.6 m x 3.6 grid in 9 square boxes with cantilevered space to allow pool, garden, and connection from ground floor to 1st floor flows from service level on the ground floor to living level on 1st floor and at the end to more private level on the 2nd-floor plan.

The orientation of the sunlight is studied so the exposure is minimum from the west side facade by having a solid wall and minimum opening. the ground floor and 1st-floor functions to open to the garden. The landscape of “The Pucuk Merah trees” functions as barrier sunlight, and creating a microclimate in the periphery of the site providing microclimate.

At the center of the house, there is a skylight design based on the elaboration of the Tumpang Sari technique which was done in Guha. Basically, it is a way to provide an air stacking effect to cool the inside atrium space. The atrium connects bedrooms, kitchen, living room. Tumpang Sari is a form of traditional Architecture in Java, that the house is an act of prayer towards life for positive contribution, no pretension, life learning. In this case, the learning curve of understanding the basic needs of grids, modules, and atrium functions are key aspects.

The design uses craftsmen who polished the concrete from previous projects such as The Guild project before with module 600 mm width x 1200 mm, length to avoid cracking between joints. The steel welder who comes from Subang, West Java combines the lightness of perforated metal and crafted to create a layer of shadow and privacy.

The perforated steel is positioned as a wall and floor plate in the indoor mezzanine level and outdoor balcony. An idea is a functional approach plus expression raw, rough, and honest material in combination with steel, concrete, and wood plus landscape and lighting and at the end in a combination of tradition.

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