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24 Townhouse Living Room Ideas (Photos)

Bright and spacious white minimalist living room in an upscale townhouse.

A living room is often the hub of a house, but when it’s cramped and narrow, choosing and arranging furniture can feel like an impossible math problem. If your living room is cramped, there’s still no motivation to forfeit style. With an emphasis on creativity and well-curated decorations, you can structure a space that genuinely addresses your design artistic.

Perceive how designers utilized everything from splendid designs and intense hues to double-duty furniture and stylish accessories to create little small living rooms that are big on style.

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The white living room features a cozy couch and two coffee tables on the stylish rug and a fireplace that warms the living space area.

An elegant living room with an L-shaped blue sofa and a table on the carpet and grey walls with a curtain.

This living space features cozy white couches and a glass table on the stylish rug. It also has white walls and that match the hardwood flooring.

An L-Shape white couch and glass circle table on the brown carpet. There’s a doorway that leads to the balcony.

This room also features both modern and historic themed furniture, as well as a large piano set next to the windows. Natural light reflects off multiple surfaces in this space.

There is a large area rug which matches the furniture. Designs on the ottoman and the wall panels, along with the colors of the accent pillows help to add life to space.

This living room features a unique area rug holds small seating options, centered in front of a stone fireplace.

This living room features a green cozy couch on the beige carpet flooring and a high vaulted ceiling with exposed wooden beams.

The spacious living room features a large wooden table on the stylish carpet and a fireplace that warms the area.

The living room with wooden furniture and a stunning pendant lights a cozy sofa with a table on the carpet flooring.

This living space has a red sofa and a wooden table on the red rug. It also has white walls and an open high vaulted ceiling.

This living room with L-Shape sofa and a rectangular table on the rug. There’s a gorgeous abstract painting on the wall.

The living room has a large TV mounted on the white walls and built-in bookshelves and a classic rug on the hardwood flooring.

This living room features a comfy sofa and a fireplace. This living space has a fireplace and stunning chandelier.

The fireplace is central to the space flanked by custom built-in shelving. The furniture includes a large, comfortable u-shaped sectional sofa facing two wood-framed accent chairs.

This spacious living room features white walls with a touch of red that matches the red sofa on the red gorgeous rug.

This contemporary living room has a cozy couch and white walls and ceiling with recessed lights.

A living room with a fireplace and wooden furniture with the TV on top and stylish mirror on the white walls.

An open concept area features living space and dining space. The living area has a cozy cream couch and a wooden coffee table on the carpet.

This living area has a black wooden flooring and L-Shape cozy couch with a coffee table. White walls with wall decor.

This spacious living room features a curve shape couch and a gorgeous rug on the black wooden flooring.

This living room with black couch and glass circular table on the rug. It also has a fireplace and white walls with decors.

This living room features a cozy couch and glass table on the rug and built-in bookshelves with a wooden rolling ladder.

This unique and simple townhouse living room has a gray contemporary sofa paired with a white circular coffee table and a mosaic white and gray flooring brightened by the window on the far side.