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Top 10 Electric Fireplaces

Bring many hours of joy and extra warmth to your home with these 10 electrice fireplaces.

top 10 electric fireplaces

How Do You Choose an Electric Fireplace?

With so many different options to choose from, how do you know what it is you need? We have tried to help narrow it down by using these criteria:

  • Functionality – How does the electric fireplace function? Will it suit multiple needs?
  • Popularity – Don’t take a risk on something you know nothing about. We have researched what others have thought of and brought you a list of only the best.
  • Space and Design – We have taken into consideration how much space is needed for the electric fireplace to suit any desire.

Considerations You Should Make

If you are in the market for an electric fireplace, you need to decide what style best suits your needs. Whether you are looking for a built-in fireplace look-alike with a mantel or a space saving wall mounted option, you need to know what to look for.

Space is key. If you have a large wall, then you will probably want a larger piece to help bring the room together. On the other hand, if you have limited space available, then a compact stand-alone or recessed wall mount style may be your best bet.

Here, we cover all the bases to give you options that suit varying needs.

How Did We Choose Our List?

We scoured the available options and looked for only the highest rated, best reviewed and most efficient units. We brought together a multitude of designs, features and user-friendly options that are sure to please any style, desire or budget. Be sure to check out our list of top infrared fireplaces as well.

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Our Top Ten Electric Fireplace Picks for Your Home

1. Landscape Full View Series Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Landscape Full View Series Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

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  • Style: Modern & Contemporary
  • Design: Realistic coal-bed with a frameless, edge to edge flame representation.

This modern style fireplace is a great addition to any room. With the frameless design and in-wall installation, you will have near limitless options. It boasts a realistic flaming coal bed and comes with an optional two-stage heater. Running 5000 BTUs, it can heat an area of 500 square feet.

What we love most about this fireplace is that it is cool to the touch with the heat on or off and can be mounted near appliances and televisions. We are sure you will love it, too.

2. Harlan Grand Electric Fireplace

Harlan Grand Electric Fireplace

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  • Style: Modern & Contemporary
  • Design: Natural fireplace looks with solid wood and veneered MDF framing construction.

The Harlan Grand by Real Flame is the perfect living space conversation piece. With an elegant and spacious design, you get the look and feel of a natural fireplace without the hassle and work. Fully electric, this fireplace heats an approximate 400 square feet with an astounding 5100 BTU output.

If elegance and beauty are what you are after, look no further. We included this piece in our list because it is not only reliable and sturdy but also because it is fully programmable. With remote control, brightness adjustment, programmable thermostat, and “ultra bright” Vivid Flame LED technology; you will be able to create the perfect atmosphere.

3. Forte Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Forte Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

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  • Style: Modern & Contemporary
  • Design: Specially designed for in-wall recessed mounting with adjustable flame and heat controls.

We included this fireplace for two reasons: Functionality and ease of use. Everything from installation to flame adjustments is user-friendly. You won’t require expert installation. It comes with a full guide and layout. With recessed heating, you save space and add beauty to your room.

Fully adjustable flame controls with two heat settings, allow you to manage the comfort no matter the conditions. The look and feel are fantastic in this compact powerhouse. We are sure you are going to love it!

4. Simulated Electric Fire Place

Simulated Electric Fire Place

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  • Style: Traditional
  • Design: Exceptional design of a built-in fireplace featuring real wood trim and faux brickwork.

The elegance of a traditional fireplace and the ease and comfort of electric. The ultra-sleek design brings the warmth and atmosphere with a touch of modern panache. Even when not in use you will find it hard to look away from this piece.

The interior brick design makes it look and feel like the real thing, just without all the smoke and hassle! Remote operation and full heat and LED flame controls bring this primarypiece to life. We love this simulated electric fireplace and you will, too!

5. Essex Electric Fireplace

Essex Electric Fireplace

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  • Style: Traditional
  • Design: A beautiful hand-crafted fireplace that comes in either white or brown finishes. Featuring faux wood pit and adjustable flames, cool-to-touch glass and incandescent lighting.

Wait until you see this amazing electric fireplace in your home! Sturdy design with a huge mantle ready for adornment and holiday decorations. The flames are ultra-realistic and completely adjustable.

This piece will be the conversation center of your entire home. It comes shipped partially assembled, so final assembly is a breeze. Remote adjustments mean you don’t have to get up to adjust the ambiance of your home. We absolutely love this fireplace and you will, too!

6. Tuscany Heights Convertible Electric Fireplace

Tuscany Heights Convertible Electric Fireplace

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  • Style: Traditional
  • Design: Beautiful oak saddle fireplace with auto-shut off. Featuring interior brick pit and adjustable flames, cool-to-touch glass and LED lighting.

This electric fireplace is just stunning. Offering full remote operation, this piece also comes with an auto-shut off feature. The oak saddle carved woodwork brings style and beauty to any room.

Adjust the heat and flames from the comfort of your favorite chair and enjoy warmth and a gorgeous view. We adore this fireplace for its versatility. It comes with a corner piece to allow you to install anywhere in your home. It also boasts a 20-degree increase within an hour using blower circulated air.

7. Fox Run Maldonado Corner Convertible Electric Fireplace

Fox Run Maldonado Corner Convertible Electric Fireplace

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  • Style: Rustic
  • Design: Space saving design with two drawer and dual shelf for storage and display.

No top ten list would be complete without including something for the space-conscious consumer. This Fox Run Maldonado electric fireplace serves just that purpose.

Minuscule design with enormous output, this little beauty will heat up to 400 square feet. It offers flames with or without heat so you can have the ambiance year-round. Two drawers neatly store items while the two lower shelves display your things with style.

Easy to set up and use, this electric fireplace will fit perfect with your small space needs. Beautiful and functional all in a compact, flawless design. You’re going to love it instantly.

8. Narbonne 62″ TV Stand with Fireplace

Narbonne 62' TV Stand with Fireplace

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  • Style: Rustic
  • Design: Television stand, storage, embedded fireplace. Caster design with hardwood and veneered wood.

This sturdy, functional TV stand comes with a rustic look and embedded electric fireplace. Decorative caster style wheels and distressed wood framing accentuate this large living room piece. Able to accommodate TVs up to 50 inches it has storage for all of your multimedia needs.

The fireplace is removable and adjustable. Using the remote, you can change the heat and flame settings at any time. Huge value and amazing looks, this TV stand/fireplace combo is sure to bring you many warm and cozy evenings.

9. Valholl Simulated Stone Media Center Electric Fireplace

Valholl Simulated Stone Media Center Electric Fireplace

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  • Style: Traditional
  • Design: Southern style traditional electric fireplace with media storage and remote operation.

This electric fireplace has hidden panel storage for your multimedia and cabling. Use under a wall mounted TV for a look and feel that is unmatched. Full remote operation allows for 4 flame and heat controls. The cool-to-touch glass means safety and comfort while in use.

It is sturdy as it is artistic. Sure to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart, the faux stone inlay and hardy wood panels bring cozy ambiance even when the fire is out.

Stand out and stay warm with this piece. We love it. We are sure you will too!

10. Prism Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

top 10 electric fireplaces

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  • Style: Modern & Contemporary
  • Design: Wall mounted with prism effect colors and LED lighting.

We had to include this wall mounted electric fireplace just because it is so cool! With modern technology behind the LED lighting, the flames look so real they could scald you! The acrylic ice ember bed is as eye catching as it is fabulous.

You can cycle through different color themes and stop on the one you prefer at that moment. This piece is sure to bring many hours of joy as well as warmth to your home. Space saving in-wall mount design ensures no extra space is taken up.