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Lookout Wooden Playhouse (Floor Plan)

Specifications: Total Floor Area: 48 ft² / 4,5m² L X W: 8′ x 7′ (2,4 m x 2,1 m) DIY Building cost: $1,470 Welcome to photos and footprint for a lookout wooden playhouse. Here’s the floor plan: Kids will surely love this elevated wooden playhouse that features a wonderful lookout that’s topped with a pitched …

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Aurora Garden Office Shed with Bathroom (Floor Plan)

Specifications: Built-Up Area: 143 ft² / 13,3 m² Total Floor Area: 85 ft² / 7,9 m² Porch: 34 ft² / 3,2 m² L X W: 13′-8″ x 10′-7″ / 4,2 m x 3,3 m DIY Building cost: $6,600 Welcome to photos and footprint for Aurora garden office shed. Here’s the floor plan: Cedar shake siding …

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Garden Cottage Style Jamie Playhouse with Wraparound Porch (Floor Plan)

Specifications: Built-Up Area: 243 ft² / 23 m² Total Floor Area: 97 ft² / 9 m² Porch: 120 ft² / 11 m² L X W: 14′-2″ x 17′-1″ / 4,3 m x 5,2 m DIY Building cost: $3,900 Welcome to photos and footprint for garden cottage style Jamie playhouse. Here’s the floor plan: The garden …

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I have two exceptional children, ages four and six. We’re moving up from the Little Tikes plastic houses to something more permanent. I’m planning on building two wooden playhouses in the backyard – one for each child. Here are the styles I’m considering and the steps I need to take to make my kids a fun and safe space.

A Castle for My Little Princess

When deciding on the styles of playhouses to build, I started by thinking about what my kids like most. My four-year-old daughter loves princesses and dressing up, so I’m planning on building a playhouse in the shape of a castle. It’ll have a few small windows and a door big enough for her to walk through in her different princess gowns.

Also, I’m going to place it in front of a tree with a swing so she can have her very own castle playground. I might even add a small balcony on the second level to make it extra special.

A Fort For My Little Warrior

My six-year-old son is obsessed with all things military. He loves to play army and has even asked for a “real” gun for Christmas. So, I’m planning on building him a little fort or bunker playhouse in the backyard. It will have all the essentials – a small door for crawling in and out, a few windows for peeking out and shooting, and plenty of camouflage.

It’ll be on the other side of our enormous oak tree so he can have his own base to plan sneak attacks on his sister. I might even add a little flag on top for him to wave as he’s declaring victory. And, of course, he’ll have a tire swing hanging from the tree for when he needs a break from battle.

The Process

Once I’ve decided on the styles, it’s time to gather supplies. I’ll need a few long pieces of wood for each house, some nails or screws (or both!), and some sturdy paint that can stand up to little hands and feet.

To make my playhouses safe for my kids, I’m going to build a platform for each playhouse. This will help keep things level, give the houses a sturdy foundation, and prevent tipping over.

Finally, it’s time to get to work! I’ll need to cut my pieces of wood and then assemble them using nails or screws (or both). I’ll paint in bright colors so that my kids can have fun, and I’ll make sure to seal the paint so that it won’t wear off too quickly.

Building playhouses for my kids is going to be such a fun project! I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they see their new spaces in the backyard. And with these plans and a little elbow grease, I know I can do it!

Do you have any tips for building playhouses? Please share in the comments below!