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Country Style House Floor Plans

Welcome to our collection of country style house floor plans.  Scroll through the collection below.


How much do country style houses cost per square feet (approximately)?

Country style houses range in size. You can find a small cute cottages with a square footage of 364. They can also be as large as 11,000 square feet.

Are there country style floor plans with a detached garage?  Is it possible?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to have a country style house with a detached garage. There are floor plans available to give you an idea of the options for a detached garage.

Does country style house usually come with a garage?  

Yes, country style homes typically come with a garage. You can select a garage from many different styles, such as attached or detached. You can even have a carport.

Is country style considered a grand or luxury style of home?  Is the style used for mansions or normally regular-sized homes?

This style house can be considered a luxury home. If you choose a house that has 11,000, it is the size of a mansion. This size house has six bedrooms and six full bathrooms. 

Is country style ever built as a “small” home?  Can it be built economically?

Yes, a country style home can be as small as a cottage. You can build it as economically as you want. You can use affordable materials that allow you to keep the cost down. The real expense when it comes to the house is the items you put on the inside of the house.

Can country style floor plans be open concept?

Yes, a large number of country style homes have an open concept floor plan. They have open kitchens and large open family rooms.

What are popular country style exterior colors?

Typically, you will find country homes with neutral exterior colors that range from beiges and yellows to gray and blue gray colors. The exterior colors of a country house tend to be more muted and subdued colors. However, you will see some colors that stand out from the others. There are bright and colorful country style houses that contain blues and reds, and sometimes green.

Can you build country style house on a narrow lot?  

Yes, you can build a country style house on any type of lot you would like. That may drastically change the look of the house. If the lot is narrow, then the house built on it will be narrow. There are some stunning looking country houses that are narrow. If the house is narrow, it may have more levels to fit in all the rooms.

Can this style be built on a wide lot?

Yes, a country style house can be built on a wide lot. The house may be wider and only have one level, so that it fits properly on the lot. You may also decide that you want levels to the house, so you may have a smaller house on a larger lot.

Can country style homes be built on a sloping lot?

Yes, you can build a country style home on a sloping lot. A sloping lot may mean that you have a walkway or a driveway that goes downhill. You may have to have some unique landscaping to adjust for the sloping lot. You can have some beautiful landscape work.

How many floors/stories does country style usually have?

Typically, you are going to find two floors in a country style house. A common look for country style homes is to be a one floor, ranch style house.

Do country style houses have a basement?

Yes, country style homes can have basements. That does not mean that they all will have basements, but you can find them with them. If you want a basement, be sure to have that as one of your requirements, because it is not always a guarantee with country style home.

Does this style of house ever come with a bonus room?

Yes, a country style home can come with a bonus room for you to use as an extra bedroom, living space, or even an office.

Do country style floor plans come with energy efficient options?

Yes, country style floor plans do come with energy efficient options. Often times, energy efficient options are most expensive up front, but you tend to reap the savings from them long term. So, do not let the more expensive sticker price scare you. Know that you will save more money in the long run.

Is a porch a common design feature with country style houses?

Yes, a porch is a common design for a country style house. Really, what is a country style house without a porch? While you can find a country style home without a porch, I am not sure it really has that country style feel.

What types of roof does country style house typically have?

A hip roof is the common roof that you find on a country style home. This is one of the most common roof types regardless of the style house. This type of roof has four sides that slope. There is a joint where the slopes meet on the roof. When the roof is complex, there are many different hips. This type of roof also has gables.

Does country style work well with a rustic interior decor?  Or is it more suited to a contemporary interior?

Country style home work best with a rustic or more country style design. However, if you are designing your house and you want a contemporary interior, you can make it work. You have to do it properly, or it may look a bit odd.

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