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Tablecloth Sizes (Illustrated Charts & Guide)

Different styles of tablecloths with different sizes,  collaged.

It can be a tricky and difficult task to determine what size of a tablecloth you need for a table or for a dining table, whether the table is round, oval, square, or rectangular.

I recently purchased a round tablecloth for a small round accent table and failed miserably. The tablecloth I ordered is way too large for this small table and looks ridiculous. By taking the time to major a table by using the charts below, you will be able to determine exactly what size tablecloth and overlays that you need to deck out your tables in a fashionable style that looks neat, clean, and organized.

The last thing you want is to style tables for your wedding, for example, and have everyone think they look really sloppy and messy because they are too large or even too small for the tables you are using for your reception. The diagrams and information below will help you in determining the proper tablecloth and overlay sizes you need for now and in the future.

Also, I am currently on the hunt for a tablecloth to go over the top of the two filing cabinets that I have placed together. They’re in my office and I like to create tablescape on top, according to whatever holiday season we are in or a theme I want to go for.

The measurements below will help me in determining what size of a tablecloth I need for these two filing cabinets shoved together because currently, I purchased a gray one with white snowflakes that is beautiful for winter but not only is it springtime now, I did not measure before I bought the tablecloth, and it piles up on both sides of the cabinets and looks very messy around the bottom.

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Obviously, I will be using the measuring instructions in this article to be able to purchase a spring-themed tablecloth that will fit properly and look amazing. If you have ever purchased a tablecloth without measuring first and without already knowing the measurements for that particular table, I am sure you know what I mean by saying that I need to do a better job next time.

This is an illustrative diagram showcasing the tablecloth sizes for round, rectangular, square and oval tables.

I actually purchased a tablecloth for a rectangular table but obviously, it is meant for a very large oblong table. That simply does not work for two file cabinets used together to form a small square. Had I measured first, the tablecloth would look much better and the table drop on both sides of the filing cabinets would be correct and it would look great. Obviously, I will take the time to measure before ordering a tablecloth online or purchasing one at the store.

Whether you are shopping for tablecloths online or in person, it can be a bit overwhelming. There is even more stress involved if you are purchasing tablecloths for a special event and the date is getting closer. This means you may not have time to exchange the tablecloths for the proper size because of time constraints.

Having knowledge of the correct tablecloth sizes that you need is imperative before you order or purchase tablecloths. Thank goodness it is pretty easy to figure out what sizes you need so the tablecloths will fit properly and will be perfect for your event or simply for your home.

All you need to know beforehand are the measurements and shapes of the tables you will be covering. You will also need to decide on the look and style you are going for as well as the colors you want to have and if you want to deck out the tablecloths with placemats, overlays, or table runners.

These are charts for tablecloth sizes of round, square, rectangular and banquet tables.

Keep in mind that a full drop is popular for a very formal look while a half drop tablecloth is considered to be a little more casual. A puddle drop can be extremely elegant and sophisticated but if you choose this style drop, it should go along with the mood you are trying to convey for your guests and the overall theme of the event that you are styling the tables for.

The measurements and techniques for measuring tables below will help you in determining the right size tablecloths you will need and how much and what type of table drop they will provide. You never want tablecloths to look messy or unkempt because they are not the correct size for the tables that you are using them upon.

Whether you are attempting to purchase table claws for a round table, an oblong or rectangle table, a square table, an oval table, or even a card table or some other weird size of the table, you can use the measurements below to figure out how to fit the tablecloth properly.

To be able to determine what type of tablecloth you will need, you must first decide the shape of the table. In other words, if you need a tablecloth for a round table, you obviously will want to purchase a round tablecloth but what size will you need? Here are a few helpful hints and measuring techniques to assist you in determining the size of tablecloth you need.

Tablecloth Sizes

The standard shapes of tables are round, rectangular, square, and oval. After measuring your table with a tape measure, you will want to order a table cloth that has a 30-inch tablecloth drop unless you want the tablecloth to hang all the way to the floor.

Find the shape and size of your table using the far-left column in the chart. If you don’t know the size, use a retractable tape measure to take an exact measurement. This will give you the size of the tabletop and the measurements you’ll use to determine the tablecloth size you need.

Rectangle and oval tables come in two standard tablecloth sizes, 36 inches, and 40 inches.

For a round table, you need to determine the diameter of the table by simply measuring the center of the table from one end to the other.

Square tables range from 30 inches to 72 inches and you can determine the size of the table you have by measuring one side of it.

More on Tablecloth Sizes

This is an illustrative diagram showcasing the tablecloth drop sizes and measurements for the short drop, half drop, full drop and puddle drop.

The average tablecloth drop is 30 inches but depending on the shape of your table, you may want to shoot for a different length of the tablecloth. For a square table that is 30 inches by 30 inches, if you want an eight-inch drop, you should purchase a tablecloth that is 46 inches by 46 inches. For a 10-inch tablecloth drop, you will want to buy a 50-inch by 50-inch tablecloth. The chart above will show you the measurements you will need for a rectangular or square table according to the amount of tablecloth drop you want.

Measuring Guide for Rectangular and Square Tables

This is an illustrative diagram showcasing the measuring guide and computation for rectangular and square tables.

To measure a square or rectangular table, also known as an oblong table, you will need to measure the length of the table and the width of the table. Simply add the two measurements together and that will give you the size of tablecloth you need to purchase that will look great and fit properly.

This diagram and measuring guide has charts at the bottom depicting the tablecloth sizes for square, rectangular and banquet tables.

A banquet table will also fall under the category of rectangular or round tables, depending on their shape.

Measuring Guide for Round Tables

This is a diagram showcasing the measuring guide and computation for round tables along with a chart at the bottom.

To determine what size of tablecloth you need for a round table, you will need to measure the diameter of the table. This will tell you the width of the tablecloth you will need. You should also measure the height of the table, so you can then determine the length of tablecloth you want.

You may prefer a tablecloth that goes all the way to the floor, but the normal length will aim for is 30 inches of tablecloth drop. Simply add the diameter measurement of the table plus a 30-inch drop multiplied by two, and that will equal the size of the tablecloth that is needed.

More on Measuring a Round Table

This is a closer look at the measuring guide and computation for round tables.

An example of measuring a round table is that if the table measures 90 inches in diameter, and you need a 30-inch tablecloth drop on all sides, you will multiply 30 inches time just to equal 60 inches and add that to the diameter. The number for this particular example would 150 inches which is the size of round tablecloth you will want to purchase.

Tablecloth Overlays for Rectangular and Square Tables

This is an illustrative diagram showcasing the various tablecloth overlays on rectangular tables.

A tablecloth overlay is a type of linen material that is used to “top off” and add an extra layer and unique look to a tablecloth. They are similar to a table runner and are normally chosen to be a contrasting color option to a tablecloth and to add another layer and more texture to the tablescape. To measure for an overlay for a rectangular table, you will want to determine the shape you want to style the overlay in for the look you are going for.

An example would be if your table is six feet long, that is equal to 72 inches. You will then add the 30-inch tablecloth drop to the number which totals 132 inches for the tablecloth measurement underneath, known as the underlay. This will help you determine the measurement of your overlay. You can place a rectangular or square overlay on the table the same way you placed the tablecloth or in a diagonal direction which will give it a triangular look.

Tablecloth Overlays for Round and Oval Tables

This is an illustrative diagram showcasing the various tablecloth overlays on round tables.

To measure for a round or oval overlay, you will take the measurement of the table and its mid-length to determine the size of a round overlay to purchase. For a 30-inch round table, you will need a 60-inch overlay.

FAQs About Tablecloths

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