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Ritbroekdwarsstraat by Bas Vogelpoel Architecten

Ritbroekdwarsstraat by Bas Vogelpoel Architecten

Designed by: Bas Vogelpoel Architecten

In Apeldoorn, the assignment was to expand a house, with the possibility of living entirely on the ground floor in the future. To this end, the extension behind the living area contains a large storage room, which can be converted into a bedroom.

The view and the light that are limited by this are compensated with a very large skylight. By aligning these tightly with the inner and outer walls, an airiness is created in the construction and the inside-outside relationship is strengthened.

On the outside it is a rough black box in which a sharp cut has been made and an inner space is revealed. By making this cut on the side wall, the extension looks appropriately modest from the street.