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Reese Witherspoon’s House in Brentwood, CA (Listed for $10.5 Million)

Actor, Reese Witherspoon is rare in Hollywood. Multi-talented, beautiful, enterprising, and possessed of a talent for business strategy- she is also unusually private and reserved. We took a brief look at her home. While we would have liked to have seen more, what we did see is hard to disparage.

This is a look at the front of the house from the vantage of the main gate. Here you can appreciate more of the Spanish-style exteriors of the house softened by landscaping and creeping plants on its walls. Image courtesy of

You probably know her as the indefatigable and tone def candidate for class president in the 1999 smash comedy sensation, Election, or the hopelessly daft and irascible lead role in Legally Blonde.

But Reese Witherspoon, born in 1976, has appeared in more than 37 feature films – an accomplishment made possible by her bottomless charm, intimidating work ethic, and irresistible screen presence.

With a catalog like that and at least one academy award under her belt, it would be more surprising if she didn’t own a $10.5 million home in Brentwood California. Fortunately, as it turns out, she does.

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Witherspoon’s Brentwood mansion is a walled-in Spanish style, two-story structure with well-tended gardens. It includes six bathrooms, five bedrooms, a double-decker foyer, a formal dining area, and a library. It is currently listed for sale at the above-mentioned price by David Offer Fine Homes.

During our enforcedly brief viewing of the home, we discovered the following.

A stridently Californian outdoor dining area enjoins the rear gardens with large wicker chairs, a long wooden table, a massive adobe fireplace, and a huge, no-features-barred BBQ range. From here, the house stands about 30 yards distant, making it both remote and cozy.

The front entrance is both intimate and stylish with three short steps, small pillars, and an arch – all of which are adorned with ivy. To get this far, one has to pass the garden gates which are made from heavy wood beams and can only be opened at a reasonably practical rate with the provided mechanical articulation.

From here, we can see the small, single car, Spanish style garage which almost certainly contains an automobile as stylish and charming as Witherspoon herself- or did at one time. Above the entryway stands a balcony for greeting guests or singing the soundtrack to Ave Maria, should the future owner feel so inclined.

To the other side of the house, we find a generously proportioned outdoor pool. The deck is brown marble, thoroughly textured for safety. The tile lining of the pool is done in dark gray and aqua blue, which perfectly compliments the pool itself.

A small, rectangular hot tub is just adjacent to the pool, allowing swimmers and bathers to remain in the close company despite divergent water activity preferences. The decks are furnished with heavy, wooden deck furniture and a pair if standing umbrellas – all of which are upholstered in lime green – a color that is just so Witherspoon.

Unfortunately, we have not been allowed to see any more of the home than this. But Reese Witherspoon’s legendary penchant for keeping private things strictly private makes getting a view of the interior of this home a rare commodity indeed. However, we find that it only adds to her charm at a time when so many rich and famous people are all too ready to flaunt their blessings.