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Project Eastman Residential Architecture by Fabelta

The deck is well placed and maybe the perfect spot for relaxation. Photo Credit: Stéphane Lemire

In respect of nature with abundant windows with high energy efficiency

Why build walls when nature offers its best features? The essence of this construction is obviously the use of an imposing fenestration system. In the heart of an impressive natural environment, this Eastman chalet has found its place while offering a magnificent view of Lake Stukely.

The house as a whole has been designed to inspire a relaxing atmosphere and create a landmark for relaxation. Like the landscape that surrounds it, this chalet was built in a spirit of conservation of large spaces. With the expertise of Fabelta, which works in partnership with the design and architecture industry, this prestigious building is equipped with glazing whose insulation surpasses energy standards. This essential feature of the building fenestration ensures the comfort of the occupants and optimizes the contribution of energy gain throughout the year.

The Espace Vital team, sponsored by Paul Faucher and Dominick Lamontagne, sought to create a feeling where the occupants feel immersed in the heart of the forest. The imagined design makes it possible to take advantage of the high altitude of the site by giving the main living areas an impression of diving on the environment thanks to the volumes creating elevated platforms.

These are products of the puRE series by Fabelta that have been integrated in the realization of this house with a modern look. Whether for large lift patio doors or fixed and tilt-and-turn windows, each product has been chosen to meet the specific needs of customers and maximize the superb view. The scenic beauty of the surroundings and the immediate landscape blend in perfectly with the décor of the chalet.

The use of the insulated aluminum product exposes a sleek design of neat and bright architecture, while respecting the principles of sustainable development. Entirely designed and manufactured in Quebec, these fenestration systems have been designed to meet new energy standards and offer impressive dimensions that respect the market trend.

Photo credit: Dominic Boudreau

Designed by: Fabelta, Systèmes de fenestration

Technical Info

  • Project name: Projet Eastman
  • Representative: Éric Chapleau
  • Architect: Espace vital architecture
  • Photographer: Dominic Boudreau
  • Press distribution: v2com