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Private Pop-Up Huts by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Discover these unique highly functional pop up huts. Built for nature lovers and hunters to experience living in the Montana Wilderness.

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These unique Pop-Up Huts are located in the remote area of Big Timber, Montana. Their unique design is optimal for guests visiting the Sporting Club on the hunting preserve and horse riding trails of this former ranch area.

Although the huts may appear small, they are extremely functional. Each unit is between 400 and 600 square feet, and the architect ensured that every inch of the space would get put towards good use.

They are each located near the creek. With such a beautiful location and landscape, there was no reason to build massive structures that would take away from the natural beauty of the remote area.

Hughes Umbanhowar Architects came up with a unique solution.

Functional Huts

Each hut is built on a concrete foundation. Although the building process is minimal, it’s intricate and extremely functional for guests. They are a comfortable place to sleep after a long day enjoying the beautiful outdoors of Montana.

The Pop Up Huts have to get electricity from solar energy. The units all have a battery storage that runs from the sun and a generator backup system in place as well. There is a pond that provides internal heat from the heart that gets used for all of the buildings.

There is a toilet in each hut. These toilets are bio-composting, so there was no need to install an intricate septic system on this land. All of the fresh water gets drawn from the well, and gray water gets returned to the water table on the ground.

The frames are welcoming and fit in nicely with the otherwise uninhabited wilderness. These guests that visit Big Timber, Montana are active and will spend the majority of their days outside exploring the terrain. With that in mind, the huts are designed as a comfortable place for them to keep their belongings, sleep, and relax between hunting sessions.

While vacant, the huts are a small two-story structure that is compact in design. However, these have the ability to grow in size to accommodate more people. The compact design keeps the unit insulated and prevents against trespassing. Similar to a Jack in the Box, these Pop-Up Huts expand and rise, which creates the third floor.

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When a guest enters the unit, they can turn a switch that powers the electric and hydraulic system. The first floor becomes exposed and creates a second bedroom on the top floor.

If a guest wants to take a shower, eat a meal, or access their equipment, storage lockers, administration, or parking area, all they need to do is travel a short distance to the ranch. At the ranch, they will have full access to everything that their Pop-Up Hut does not provide.

All in all, these Pop-Up Huts are an innovative way for nature lovers and hunters to experience living in the Montana Wilderness. Their Jack in the Box design can turn a two-story pod into a three level area with two bedrooms at the flick of a switch.

Design by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Design by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects 

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