80 White Modern Formal Living Room Ideas for 2019

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The formal living room offers stylish furniture and wall decor along with a fireplace and floor rug.

Plain, Old, and Boring: How to Turn Your Plain White Living Room into a Modern One

Who doesn’t love living rooms? It’s the place at home that gives you a warm welcome after a long and tiring day at work. It is also where you receive your guests whenever they come and visit. As a matter of fact, if we have the chance to pick one part of the house that we can pour our heart in when it comes to design, our living room would even top our lists. It’s sometimes the hands-off space and the most treasured one too that sets the entire decoration of your home.

1. An Airy and Light Living Room

Source: Slade Architecture

In this living room idea, you can actually put a lot in your living room without over designing it. You can even include a glass dining set in there if the furniture in the room will do the job of weighing the space down. A perfect combination would be an open-weave coffee table, some lucite chairs for your small dining table, and a wall of an unobstructed window to avoid the look of having too little space.

2. A White Living Room

Source: http://bit.ly/2yJX14z

A white on white can never go wrong. But too much white would give you the feeling that you’re in a hospital room, right? How to avoid that? Mix an array of textures. Why not try having a nubby rug and a crocheted throw sofa made out of rough linen to have a monochromatic look or style.

3. The Reader’s Nook

Source: http://bit.ly/2y1aOXd

Have a quiet time with yourself in your living room by putting a cozy one-seater sofa near the window or next to a shelf of your all-time favorite novels to make reading enticing in this part of the house. Make sure you anticipate the lighting for late night reading habit.

Bonus tip: There are many companies that offer affordable light installation in Houston or any other state near it without the hassle. Choose a company that will come up with great ideas on how to make your reading nook a wonderful reading place when the sun is down.

4. A Game-Changing One

Ditch your traditional game table and have an extra huge coffee table instead (make sure it has a feminine shape to achieve the modern look). Invite your family and friends for an overnight stay and have a game at night. A coffee table in the morning and a game table at night. Perfect, isn’t it?

5. A TV-Friendly Zone

Source: Nook Architects

“What should I do with the TV?” You may have this question in mind. Since you want your guests to be entertained while you’re preparing lunch in the kitchen, why not put your TV on the corner of your living room if space can accommodate it? Putting it in the corner – not in the middle – will ensure that it will not interrupt the flow of the room. At night, when you’re not ready to go to bed just yet, you can just cuddle with your throw pillows in your sofa while watching Game of Thrones.

6. Add a Plus-Size Sofa

Plus size arranging has its own set of pros and cons. For example, if you put a huge sofa in the living room, the advantage is there’s a couple of people who can sit on it while the disadvantage is it can sometimes engulf that part of the house. But, how can you avoid engulfing the space? Just by merely putting some huge accessories like a capacious ottoman, you’ll be surprised of how it balances the engulfed space.

7. Have an “Office” Touch

Source: http://bit.ly/2xXzJck

Many people, especially those who are living on their own has this tendency of bringing work at home. If the space of the living room is just too big for the sofas and the center table, why not try putting an office desk in a small portion of the space to make an office space? Aside from it makes use of the free space in the room, it also adds another function of the room. Just a tip though, instead of putting an old desk chair, try appointing a chair in the living room that will match the colors of your the said part of the house.


I know plain white living rooms can be dull. That is why we give you these tips on how to spice up the part of your home where you let your guests in (most of the time) and where you throw yourself in when you get home from work. We may think that we need the help of a professional interior designer to make our homes beautiful but I tell you, your creativity is already enough to achieve that white modern living room with a kick.

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