50 Tropical Kitchen Ideas for 2019

Discover various Tropical style kitchen photo gallery showcasing different design ideas.
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As the kitchen is the center of most homes, it should be a fun, exciting space for entertaining friends or family. You can easily liven up a kitchen by using bright or an unusual color palette, but most kitchen designs do not incorporate them. However, if you want a fun, relaxing space, consider these tropical kitchen design ideas.

Tropical Design Elements

Natural materials are important in tropical designs, as is bringing in natural elements, like tropical plants. Color is also a big part of tropical home interiors and may include colors like:

  • Oranges
  • Deep Pinks
  • Blues
  • Turquoise
  • Greens

Most tropical spaces are large and airy, but that doesn’t mean a small kitchen can’t have a tropical design as well. In fact, here are some examples of tropical kitchen design ideas for rooms of every size.

Natural Tropical Materials

Light materials like rattan, bamboo, or wicker usually come to mind when you think of the tropics, but some designs include heavier wood elements as well. Teak is a rich wood that is often associated with the tropics because teak trees come from southeast Asia, which is covered in tropical rainforests.

Darker wood tones like mahogany are also used in tropical kitchen designs because it is also an exotic wood because it’s found in Mexico to South America. Mahogany and teak are good choices because they are hardwoods and extremely durable so that they will stand the test of time.

Despite technically being a grass, Bamboo is also a great choice as it not only durable, but it is more sustainable than exotic hardwoods. Bamboo is easy to grow and is found in many regions of the world, including Asia and other tropical locales.

Tropical Color Palette

Tropical kitchen designs are not the most popular. In fact, they were only found in about 0.22% of 1.78 million kitchens in a recent design survey. However, tropical designs allow you to be creative with color as a tropical kitchen can use subdued colors like olive green or bright ones like flamingo pink. Turquoise is also a popular tropical color.

While some people paint their kitchen cabinets in tropical colors, others use natural elements like plants or rattan or wicker furniture to reflect a tropical aesthetic. If you need some ideas on how to create a tropical vibe in your kitchen, check out the tropical kitchen design ideas to draw inspiration from for a tropical kitchen.

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