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Modern Bungalow by Darx Studio

Modern Bungalow by Darx Studio

Designed by: Darx Studio

The modern, clean design of this bungalow’s facade is enhanced with pristine white horizontal siding and a sleek trellis entry porch that creates a warm welcome. The concrete box that protrudes in front graced with a pond complements well with the porch as it seamlessly transitions to the wooden stoop.

The interior is as fresh as the exterior with its stark white walls softened by light wood elements from the floor and cabinets. One cool feature is the central outdoor dining flanked by the living spaces. It is surrounded by huge sliding glass doors blurring the line between indoor and outdoor living.

The bedroom upstairs is strategically filled with built-in cabinets to maximize storage. It is paired with a fresh and bright bathroom. A massive almost floor-to-ceiling window gives an impressive view of the surrounding landscape.