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House in Kawabata by Design Associates Nakamura

House in Kawabata by Design Associates Nakamura

Location: Fukuoka
Program: Housing Renovation 
Lead Architects: So Nakamura
Office Name: Design Associates Nakamura
Building area: 70㎡
Total floor area: 140㎡
Completion year: 2021.2
Photo Credits: Masaki Hamada / Kawasumi・Kobayashi Kenji Photograph Office
Photographer’s e-mail:

This is a renovation project of the staircase room and LDK from 1F to 3F.

Since the client wanted to use the LDK for various purposes such as family gatherings, business meetings, and parties, we planned a space that can be used for various purposes like a hotel lobby.We designed a space with different atmospheres using the same design code of glass cube lighting. The staircase room was planned in such a way that the dim light of the glass cubes is scattered in the dimly lit space, guiding people into the room.

After passing through the dimly lit stairwell, we reach the open and bright LDK, where glass cube pendants are hung randomly.

It was planned to have a sofa space and a counter table space that can be used for different purposes to accommodate a variety of uses.

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