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House in Canavial by Vítor Vilhena Arquitectura

Company name: Vítor Vilhena Arquitectura
Contact e-mail:
Project location: Lagos, Portugal
Completion Year: 2018
Other participants: Vítor Vilhena, Fábio Plácido Guimarães, Nuno Gonçalves, Michael
Photo credits: Fernando Guerra
Photographer website:
Product spec list:
1. Cortizo / Janelas / Windows
2. Duravit / Sanitários / Toilets
3. Binova / Cozinha / Kitchen
4. Bruma / Torneiras /
5. Krion / Bancadas das IS / Bathrooms counter
6. Marazzi / Pavimentos exteriores / Exterior Pavement
7. Tupai / Puchadores / Door handles
8. Porcelanos / Revestimento IS / Bathrooms wall coverings

Lagos, a city in the western Algarve founded around 2000 years A.C., with
Carthaginian, Roman, Muslim and finally Christian influences were the cities of the
Portuguese discoveries in the 15th century. Bathed by incredible beaches and the
the warm Mediterranean climate of southern Portugal is one of the richest tourists
places in the country.

Canavial is an area in the city of Lagos, located between “Ponta da Piedade” and
the beach of “Porto de Mós”, with cliffs and grottoes excavated by the sea and
secret beaches of golden sand and blue seawater. The origin of its name comes
from the spontaneous vegetation of reeds that grows wild.

The “House in Canavial” benefits from the sea view, on the top of the cliff. It’s
located in a residential area of reference, away from the tourist turmoil of

The house gets its lines from the configuration of the lot, in order to obtain the best
solar orientation and protection from the prevailing winds, confronted by a
a neighboring lot to the South, it releases the total exposure to the west taking
advantage of the big opening of the glazing doors.

As a result of the plan image and the altimetric conditioners of the zone, a curved
the line was chosen against the alignment of the land in order to protect the living area
to the North from the neighbor’s sight.

It consists of two floors, the ground floor has a large social area where with kitchen,
living and dining room in an “open-space” configuration and the master bedroom
with a balcony common to all these spaces. On the lower floor, there are two
bedrooms, gymnasium, and technical area as well as parking and access to the
service entrance opening to the garden and the swimming pool.

There are several skylights that bring natural light onto some interior spaces such
as the hall or the kitchen and features in the facades spans to the outside giving
natural light to the bathrooms and corridor of the lower floor.