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9 Eye-Popping Bespoke Kitchen Designs

It doesn’t get better than this for kitchen design.

These are the ultimate, bespoke kitchen designs by Stonehouse Bespoke Kitchens. If you want a very special kitchen, pay close attention to the gallery of 36 bespoke kitchen designs below.

It’s interesting how the term “bespoke” has now become regular parlance in interior design. Traditionally, “bespoke” meant “made to order” in regard to apparel such as suits.

Of course the “made to order” aspect of the definition easily applies to interior design since a kitchen that is “made to order” or “custom” can be referred to as bespoke.

And so the esteemed Stonehouse Bespoke Kitchens company embraces that centuries-old term. Obviously, it’s fitting when you check out their designs below. Nothing short of amazing.

Below is a gallery featuring 9 custom kitchens by Stonehouse. They’re all very different in style including traditional, transitional, country, classical and modern. You’ll notice several are in the shaker design, which is a design Stonehouse excels at.

Bespoke Kitchen Gallery

All designs by Stonehouse Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Kitchen 1

This kitchen is traditional shaker style.

There’s a lot going on in this kitchen without it being too busy. The white subway tile backsplash is fabulous but then it’s flanked with a splash of bright red. The highlight here is the mini-peninsula that’s a custom barrel design on the end, which is a really nice touch.

Kitchen 2

Country kitchen design.

The undisputed star of this country kitchen is the island. It’s massive and gorgeous from every angle.

Kitchen 3

Shaker style kitchen.

Kitchen 4

Large traditional kitchen.

A rare round kitchen layout with rectangle island. It’s large, but the round shape makes it an efficient kitchen given it’s size. Notice the curved drawers on the island. Such spectacular attention to detail you won’t get in most kitchens.

Kitchen 5

Modern kitchen example.

Kitchen 6

Shaker design with exceptional lighting.

This is a simple kitchen design but gives off a sophisticated look with amazing lighting.

Kitchen 7

Below is an example of a classical kitchen design.

This kitchen was designed for an older home and so it was done classically to fit the home. This kitchen also shines because of its lighting. However, the island is also a standout feature.

Kitchen 8

Below is an example Stonehouse’s modern kitchen design that’s tempered with plenty of natural wood (walnut).

Kitchen 9

This is a shaker kitchen that’s a hybrid traditional/modern design.

This is a very popular design since it’s a more subdued kitchen design in shaker style that’s mostly white. This kitchen would look fabulous in most homes.

All designs by Stonehouse Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

Design Approach and Options

Stonehouse refers to itself as a custom furniture company whose furniture happens to be cabinetry and islands and all the woodwork that goes into crafting a kitchen.

They offer total custom kitchen designs. You can choose from the following:

  • Style: Country, traditional, modern, transitional, etc.
  • Materials:  They work with many different woods as well as countertop materials so you get the exact combination of materials you seek for your perfect kitchen.
  • Layouts:  You get the opportunity to work directly with their designers to put together the ideal layout for your kitchen.
  • Color:  These kitchens are handpainted and so the sky is the limit with respect to your colors.
  • Appliances: You can choose whichever appliances you wish to have in your kitchen.
  • Custom islands:  One of my favorite aspects of these kitchens are the custom islands. They are spectacular. With Stonehouse you get a spectacular island that’s the centerpiece of your kitchen.


Stonehouse is located in on the edge of the Cotswolds in the hamlet of Stonehouse.

It’s a family-owned business that’s been crafting furniture for three generations.