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Are Polyester Sheets Comfortable? Are You Kidding Me?

Polyester sheets are made from man-made fibers and it tends to be itchy, check this article about Polyester sheets and how comfortable they can go.

Polyester Sheets with with white thread.

If you are someone who has an allergy to cotton or flannel, then you can use polyester sheets and be comfortable. However, for the rest of us and the majority, these sheets are far from comfortable and can leave you itching your legs for the rest of the evening. The polyester sheets are made from man-made fibers that tend to be itchy.

It’s, unfortunately, though, a fabric that some people have to use when making a sheet selection for their bedding. If you have a choice, stay away from polyester sheets and go for a more comfortable option. 

Polyester Sheets are Cheap Sheet Knockoffs

I personally don’t feel like polyester sheets are really the best choice for bedding because they are made using cheap fabric. There are many types of sheets and fabrics on the market that are comfortable and these include much softer fabrics.

Go with flannel for warmth, cotton for stretch, silk for sateen, or bamboo for coolness if you want to have a naturally soft and comfortable sheet. Polyester is not made naturally, and therefore only mimics the softness and behavior of a naturally made fabric.

When you go for polyester simply to save money, you lose out on the cost benefits that come from using a more natural material. Rayon is another man-made sheet set like polyester that is also going to have these same issues. You want to note that the product material on sites like Wayfair will tell you what the fabric is, such as these Eider & Ivory rayon sheets.

4 Polyester sheets piled up.

Source: Wayfair

At the end of the night, the reason you buy sheets is to be comfortable. Polyester sheets are not comfortable, and therefore should be avoided unless you can only afford them. If you do have to get the polyester fabric when buying sheet sets, make sure to get the best material that your money can buy. Your body will appreciate it, and you will not suffer from sleep loss and related disorders, including fatigue, stress, weight gain, and high blood pressure.

Yes, that’s right, you can get high blood pressure from bad sheet sets. The fabric will not let you sleep soundly, and night after night sleep loss leads to having health-related medical conditions that can actually kill you. You read that correctly, using polyester sheets might actually even be the death of you. Please keep this in mind when investing in bedding. 

Polyester Sheets are Not Natural

First of all, polyester sheets aren’t natural and are synthetically made. According to Healthline, polyester sheets are made from, “Polyester, also known as polyethylene terephthalate, [which] is one of the most commonly used synthetic fibers in the world. Synthetic is the keyword here — polyester is human-made, unlike natural fibers, like cotton or bamboo.”

For most people, this is an issue as we prefer to have naturally made items in our beds and linens. This has to do with the way the polyester sheets are made, and coming out of a chemical process is strange for many of us. 

If you are living an environmentally sustainable lifestyle, then you certainly do not want to have polyester sheets because they have to be fabricated in a factory that could use harmful chemical processes. Furthermore, you are more likely to support the lifestyle of avoiding these processes and practices in the products you consume.

For you, bamboo sheets are the most likely option. Therefore, you would not feel comfortable using a set of polyester sheets. It literally goes against the grain of what you believe in as a homeowner and someone who loves to sleep soundly.

A bed with Polyester sheets, books and glasses.

Source: Wayfair

Polyester Sheets Can be Comfortable

There is an exception to the rule, and this time it comes from the use of microfiber. The choice to go with a microfiber polyester sheet is top of the line for this material. Polyester sheets range from budget fabric to the higher end, which is microfiber polyester.

You can save a ton of money with these sheets, which range from $10 to $50 a set. However, microfiber polyester sheets have their limits, too, due to their stretchy plasticy nature. 

You can overheat in these in the summer months, and microfiber tends to not be as warm as flannel or cotton in the wintertime. As Healthline points out, “When it comes to polyester sheets, you’ll probably see a lot of microfiber options. This basically means the polyester used in them is incredibly fine (about 1/100 of a human hair).”

Choosing this type of polyester sheet can make all the difference in how your sleep ends night after night.Amazon Basics Lightweight Super Soft Easy Care Microfiber Bed Sheet Set with 14” Deep Pockets - Queen, Peachy Coral

Bottom Line on Bedding Using Polyester Sheets

A girl sleeping on a bed with teddy bear.

Maybe avoid using polyester sheets for bedding unless you have no option. Typically, people who use polyester sheets are on a tight budget and have no other choice. This makes for a difficult purchase and even more so if you crave a comfortable night’s sleep.

But if you do have to use polyester sheets, such as if you develop an allergy to cotton or silk, you should go with a microfiber blend. This lends the most fibers and threads per square inch of fabric. As a result, you stand to have more comfortable sheets when choosing microfiber polyester sheets.