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YT House in Daklak, Vietnam by Rear Studio and AHO Design Studio

Office name: rear studio + AHO design studio
Project year: 2018
Built area: 150 m2
Site area: 650 m2
Location: Daklak, Vietnam
Photographer: Quang Dam
Lead architect: Ho Quoc Dan, Le Hoang Hieu
Design team: Nguyen Hoang Xuan, Lu Nguyen Y Xuan, Nguyen Anh Viet
Constructor: Pham Thang, Pham Nhon

YT house is located in a small village on a relatively flat plains northwest of Daklak, an area bordering on Cambodian territory, the architecture here is mixed by many different regions as most of the migrants here do the new-economy.

We propose a horizontal roof stretches along the land, which forms the under-roof area for the functions of the house.

With the basic structure to insure the construction technique and shorten the construction time, the steel structural support system plays the role of supporting the roof, “the roof seem like floating in natural context”.

Implanted under the roof two private function blocks at two gables, one side is kitchen and toilet, the other side are two bedrooms. These two functional blocks work as the double walls combined with the floor, the roof and the sliding doors form the common space at the center of the house.

The formation of a common space at the center of the house acts as a multi-dimensional connection space, on one hand, it connect two main functional blocks, on the other hand, it connect the external and internal spaces. “natural flowing through the house”.

Private spaces are stretched beyond the boundary of the roof, framing a part of the landscape to regulate the microclimate and enhance the homeowner experience.

The slot bright on the top of the roof spread along from the northwest to the southeast, work as a light curtain, it forms the conventional space for the dining room and living room, this space will be changed by the sun manifestation system of the day and seasons of the year.

We want to create the house as a means of connecting people and nature.