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Vprvnh by TDA

Vprvnh by TDA

Location: Alaska Casi Venezuela, Luque, Paraguay
Architecture: TDA®
Architecture: Miguel Duarte, Larissa Rojas
Collaborators: Magali Ibarrola, Marcelo Sanz, Luis Landivar
Structural Design: TDA®
Structural Calculation: Carlos Diaz
Construction: TDA®
Built Area: 880m2
Year of Design: 2016
Year of Construction: 2017
Photographs: Leonardo Mendez

Housing is the most powerful tool for transforming the city. In that sense, this project works on ambition*.

This opportunity came from the desire of some foreign investors in Paraguay added to our ideal of demonstrating that the architectural space, its delicacy and its materialization are in themselves the differentiating elements. It is not about quantifying and grouping m2 of construction, but about re-looking and re-qualifying the ideas and as a consequence their results.

Thinking from this place, we analyzed and understood a developing area of ​​the city of Luque, metropolitan area of ​​the metropolitan Asunción, it was necessary to redraw opportunities, take risks.

The result

A complex of 4 houses, (for now) 4 houses with an absolutely different spatiality. With natural lighting, generous ventilation and absolute relationship with the site.

By exhausting the technique, without expensive materials, we have achieved a set that can be called complete, worthy. We think in m3, in volume, which is the absolute measure of space, that helps to direct thought without forgetting the envelope. That is the subject of this project, space. A sequence of places that together sculpt an experience.

Understanding the path of the sun and its incidence in heat, force us to look for ways so that thermal conditioning does not play against perception. A light lattice contributes to generating a unique image as well as a protective brise soleil.

Identity, synthesis, technology

A round-trip teamwork between owners and designers, the only way to change things is to try new paths and above all to understand multidisciplinary as an optimal tool for transformation.

*intense and craving desire to achieve something difficult to achieve.

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