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Under Armour’s Kip Fulks’s Lodge in North Fork, PA (Listed for $13.6 million)

Kip Fulks, co-founder of athletic brand Under Armour has put his 7,150-acre lodge on the market for $13.5 million. Situated in prime hunting, fishing and skiing areas, the lodge can accommodate nearly 40 guests and features a commercial kitchen and dining room, meeting room and a private ski chalet.

A look at the lodge's exterior surrounded by the magnificent surrounding landscape. Images courtesy of

If you’re in the market for a Pennsylvania lodge that sits on an expansive 7,150-acre lot in and can accommodate over 30 guests, you’re in luck, one has just become available for a mere $13.5 million. The North Fork Lodge, owned by Kip Fulks, one of the co-founders of the popular athletic brand Under Armour, is on the market. The property is close to St. Mary’s in Elk County, a prime area for real estate. It’s one of the largest properties owned by an individual, in the state of Pennsylvania. Fulks and his wife bought the property for $7.8 million in 2007.

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The property dates back to 1921 and features historic stone buildings that overlook quaint streams. It features a commercial kitchen and dining facilities in the main lodge, a meeting room,  private ski chalet, and many other features. It looks out over hills, valleys and all the wildlife that makes their home in the area.

The lodge is home to the North Fork and West Creek streams that are a fisherman’s dream with plenty of trout and bass. The property is adjacent to the Allegheny National Forest, Elk State Forest, and the Pennsylvania State Game Lands, making it the ideal area for avid hunters.

This hunter’s paradise features turkeys, deer, game animals, birds, and the rare white elk. It is, in fact, the only place in the Northeast where you can hunt white elk. The area had been logged for its black-cherry, maple, and oak trees before Fulks taking ownership. The trees, which are on a 15-20 year growing cycle are now mature and majestic.

Kip Fulks was initially drawn to the property because of the size of the property and the accommodations, which made it the perfect retreat for family and friends that enjoyed all the property had to offer.

Today, with his children grown, the property is not being used to its potential, and Fulks decided it was time to put it on the market.

With the help of Fulks and other key executives, Under Armour has grown from a startup, formed in a Georgetown garage to nearly a $10 billion business.