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10 Different Types of Trampolines

A guy is bouncing on a secured trampoline inside a fly park.

The trampoline is a 20th-century invention with a rich history that includes the circus, the World War II, the Olympics, and even NASA. American gymnast George Nissen invented the trampoline in the 1930s using the inner tubing of tires and pieces of scrapped steel.

Nissen originally created it as a preparation for his circus act and then later crafted it so tumblers can use it for acrobatic training. The trampoline became popular in the 1950s as jump centers at gas stations where children had fun while their parents pumped gas.

During the WWII, the U.S. Navy Flight School used the trampoline to train their pilots and navigators. NASA also used it for preparing their astronauts for space travel. Trampolining also became an Olympic sport beginning in 1997.

1. Round Trampolines

Round trampoline with a blue edge on a grassy field.

Round trampolines are probably the most common type of trampoline that you will see in someone’s backyard. These trampolines are great for outdoor use and will generally come in many sizes. You will also see people using round trampolines indoors, although using a mini trampoline would be the much more common option. These round trampolines have several qualities that you should be aware of, as well.

The circular spring design of these trampolines winds up lowering the risks of you being hurt. When you jump on these types of trampolines, they will naturally guide you back to the center. This reduces the chances of you falling off of the trampoline. The design is very good for outdoor use because it works to prevent people from falling and allows them to focus on having fun.

Round trampolines are also the most common design that is used in trampolines for small children. It’s a simple but effective design that will help to keep the activity of jumping on a trampoline safe. This doesn’t mean that accidents cannot occur on a round trampoline, just that they are somewhat less frequent. You can also find round springless trampolines on the market that can provide additional safety features.

The number of different round trampolines on the market is impressive. You will be able to find high-end models that will be pricey but will also have high weight capacities. There are also very cost-effective methods that are made to let kids and teenagers have fun in the backyard. This is likely going to be the first trampoline style that you purchase if you are on a budget due to the fact that there are so many affordable round trampolines on the market.

2. Rectangular Trampolines

Rectangular trampoline

Source: Amazon

Rectangular trampolines feel a whole lot different to jump on than the round ones. They have a different bounce pattern and are preferred by professionals. People who compete in gymnastics and others who use trampolines regularly will often buy these rectangular models. They’re very nice for people who don’t have a lot of space, as they come in smaller sizes and can be more convenient to maneuver simply due to their shape.

The negative aspect of these trampolines is that they are usually considerably more expensive than the round ones. It might not be the most cost-effective option if you are simply looking for a trampoline for recreational purposes. They will work better in certain spaces, though. The rectangular design allows the trampoline to be positioned more easily than one that is rounded.

One interesting thing to note about rectangular trampolines is that they have what professionals refer to as a “sweet spot.” This is the spot that you can hit when jumping on the trampoline to get a really good bounce into the air. Professionals need to get very good at jumping off of trampolines when they are competing in gymnastics or other sports that make use of them. Parkour professionals and obstacle course enthusiasts also regularly train on these types of trampolines.

The rectangular trampoline that is being shown here is a bit pricey, but it is very safe and effective. It is a popular model among gymnasts and cheerleaders. You will be able to have fun while training on this trampoline and it is also good for recreational purposes. The steel frame of this trampoline is exceptional, and it will work well for your purposes.

3. Square Trampolines

Square trampoline

Source: Amazon

Square trampolines wind up acting as a sort of bridge between the circular models and the rectangular trampolines. Purchasing one of these will be great if you are just starting out. They are good for people to train on in certain situations and they will also be perfect for having a little fun. Square trampolines aren’t quite as costly as rectangular models, and they offer a similarly safe experience to the round models.

Square trampolines aren’t quite as common as the round ones, but they are still seen fairly often. They work well for both indoor and outdoor use, depending on the size of the trampoline. They are still going to be the more expensive option when compared to round trampolines, but it’s nice to have something that will be fun while working well for training purposes. Whether or not this is the type of trampoline that you should purchase really depends on what you plan to do with it.

If you want to do a bit of training along with having some fun, then this will be a practical trampoline to own. When you want the trampoline purely for recreational purposes, it will be more cost-effective to purchase a round trampoline. You will likely be able to get a larger round trampoline that has a higher weight capacity for a more affordable price. Square trampolines aren’t prohibitively expensive, but they just aren’t quite as affordable as the round models.

That being said, some people really do prefer the square trampolines. If the square models appeal to you more, then you should go ahead and purchase one. It will surely be able to provide your family with many hours of fun. Just make sure that you buy the right size so that everyone will be able to have a good trampoline experience.

4. Octagonal Trampolines

Girl is bouncing on her octagonal trampoline at her family's backyard.

Source: Wayfair

The final trampoline shape that you should be aware of is the octagonal trampoline. There are many people who love owning these octagonal trampolines because of how large they are. When you want to be able to have many people bouncing on the trampoline at once, owning an octagonal model is quite sensible. It has a very large surface area that will make it possible for more people to enjoy the trampoline at the same time.

Of course, you still need to adhere to the weight capacity restrictions that are noted on whatever trampoline that you purchase. Even so, these trampolines have proven to be popular due to how large they are. Just how big the octagonal trampoline will be is going to vary quite a bit. You can find modestly-sized trampolines and very large ones that the whole family can enjoy.

The way that these trampolines will feel when jumping on them will vary quite a bit as well. Depending on the size, you will experience different types of bouncing. Sometimes the slightly more compact octagonal models will allow for tighter and higher jumping. Regardless, this will be a fun trampoline to use for your family.

Many of the octagonal models will be aimed at children. This is more of a recreational trampoline experience. The unit being shown here has a 450-pound weight limit. It will be perfect for allowing several kids to play on the trampoline at once, and some adults might be able to enjoy it as well.

Octagonal trampolines like this aren’t quite as affordable as the traditional circular models. You will want to choose the octagonal trampoline if having more usable surface space for bouncing matters to you a lot. Otherwise, you will be able to have a safe experience when purchasing a round trampoline. Weigh your options and think about which one would work best for your recreational trampoline needs.

5. Mini Trampolines

A lady is doing her workout routine using a mini trampoline.

Mini trampolines are sometimes referred to as fitness trampolines. These types of trampolines can be used for several different purposes. Some people use these trampolines to practice jumping. People who compete in gymnastics need to make use of trampolines for several different events, so being able to practice on these is essential.

The small nature of these trampolines also makes them convenient for training in small spaces. The exercise routine known as rebounding can really work out many of your muscles. You can train using one of these mini trampolines and will see excellent results. A trampoline of this size should even be able to fit in a small apartment, making it a very practical option to consider.

The trampoline being shown here is specifically designed for fitness purposes. You can also buy trampolines that are a bit more normal if that is what you would prefer. This trampoline comes with a stabilization bar that you can hold while you are rebounding. Most people don’t need to hold onto the bar, but it is there for you to get comfortable with the process of jumping on the trampoline.

You will be able to use this mini trampoline as a great weight loss tool. Burning calories while rebounding will be very simple. You will be able to increase your strength and stamina over time as well. This is definitely a great option, and if you want to exercise in a different way, you should give it a try.

6. Water Trampolines

A water trampoline is pictured here as it is floating on a like.

Water trampolines are a little bit different from the other trampolines on this list. They provide a similar amount of fun when compared to the other trampolines but it is just a completely different activity. If you have never seen a water trampoline before, then you should know that it is an inflatable pad that people will jump onto. These water trampolines are often very large and will propel people high into the air.

Trampolines like this are meant to be used in large natural bodies of water. Often times, you will find people using them in conjunction with some type of water slide. The idea is that someone will slide down the water slide and onto the trampoline below. Another person will be laying on the opposite side of the trampoline and will be propelled into the air by the person who is landing on the trampoline.

People are thrown into the water, and it can really be a whole lot of fun. There are some dangers associated with this activity, so you will want to make sure that you have good swimmers on hand in case anyone runs into any problems. It should definitely be a good way to enjoy a hot summer day as long as you are taking the proper safety precautions. This is a staple of many people’s summer fun and has become an iconic activity in its own right.

There are also some water trampolines that are a bit more similar to traditional trampolines. These are trampolines that sit within an inflatable structure. People can climb on top of the trampoline and then bounce on it as normal. People will often use these types of trampolines to perform impressive jumps into the water.

The version of this trampoline being shown here is like the traditional models. It is 25 ft in diameter and 42-inches long when it is inflated properly. It will be a great tool to add to your summer fun if you live on a lake. Trampolines like this are generally too large and dangerous to use in pools, so make sure that you are using this in a large natural body of water. As long as you are being safe, it will be a blast for your children.

7. Caged Trampolines

Two children are playing in a caged trampoline.

Safety is a big concern for many people who purchase trampolines. These trampolines have the potential to provide both children and adults with many hours of enjoyment. The problem is that sometimes people can get injured due to accidents. It isn’t entirely uncommon for someone to be propelled off of the trampoline and be sent to the ground below.

Obviously, situations like this are very bad. It can possibly cause people to suffer severe injuries and has even broken bones in certain situations. To remedy this problem, trampoline companies started producing models that come with trampoline cages. This keeps people from being thrown from the trampoline and generally allows for a much safer bouncing experience.

The trampoline that is being shown here is a round model that features a convenient safety enclosure. These are normally referred to as caged trampolines, but understand that the cage itself is made out of safe materials. It is often a simple mesh cage, but it is sometimes also made from a cloth netting. You can see through the safety enclosure so that you can keep an eye on your children while they are playing around.

It is possible to tighten the safety enclosure very easily. When you tighten it properly it will be more difficult for the enclosure to come loose, even when children are bumping into it. It will be a simple solution to your worries about your kids getting hurt. They will be much safer with the safety enclosure on the trampoline, and you will be able to just let them have their fun.

This trampoline is aimed towards children but you can also find trampolines with safety enclosures that are for adults. The weight limit on this trampoline is 330-pounds, meaning that several children can play on this at once. For an adult trampoline, you will typically want something that can hold at least 1,000 pounds at once in order to stay safe. There are many options on the market, and you will be able to find the right trampoline for your situation.

8. Springless Trampolines

Springfree Trampoline - 11ft Large Square Trampoline With Basketball Hoop and Ladder

Source: Amazon

There are even springless trampolines on the market that you will want to consider. These trampolines are becoming more popular because they are seen as a safer option. One of the biggest concerns about jumping on a trampoline is about injuring yourself on one of the springs. This does indeed have the potential to cause someone serious harm if things go awry.

The springless options use a different technology to allow people to bounce. Instead of springs, it will use certain types of stretch bands or other solutions to get the same result. This helps people to be able to enjoy their time while on the trampoline to the fullest. Not having to worry so much about injury allows people to simply focus on having fun.

There is a downside to this type of trampoline, though. Springless trampolines are generally more expensive than the traditional models. They have to be made in a special way, and this winds up costing more money than usual. If you want to purchase one of these types of trampolines, then you will need to pay a little more of your money for the privilege.

The springless trampoline that is being shown here is quite costly, but it is also very nice. It has no springs, as you would expect, and it also has no hard edges for anyone to injure themselves on. It will be the safest trampoline that you could install in your backyard. Children and adults alike can enjoy this trampoline without any worries, making it a very good option.

The jumper weight rating of this trampoline is 250-pounds. This means that most adults will be able to comfortably jump on this trampoline without any fears of something going wrong. Those who exceed the limit will want to find an option with a higher weight capacity. The trampoline is supposed to be able to handle 1,100 pounds at capacity, so just understand the limits before proceeding.

9. Trampolines for Young Children

Three children are bouncing on a trampoline that's designed for children. This trampoline has a fence for safety.

There are trampolines on the market that are designed to be used by younger children, as well. These trampolines can be a lot of fun for little kids and will allow them to have a good time while using up some of their energy. Typically, trampolines in this style will have a mesh cage of some sort around them. This is designed to keep your child safe while they are playing.

The trampolines are bouncy enough for your child to have a lot of fun, but it won’t pose a danger to them. They should be able to stay safe inside of the trampoline cage and won’t ever bound too high to be harmed. The child can simply crawl inside of it and enjoy jumping to their heart’s content. It isn’t unlike jumping on a small bed, but it is significantly safer than that activity.

The mat on this particular trampoline is very nice, too. It is designed using polypropylene and is woven in such a way that it will prevent slipping. Your young child should have no trouble bouncing up and down without slipping up. It will make their playtime even more fun when they don’t have to worry too much about little accidents.

As another safety precaution, this trampoline doesn’t feature traditional springs. This makes it a lot safer for your child, and you won’t have to worry about them getting harmed while they are playing. It uses thirty stretch bands that can work just as effectively as the springs normally would while being a whole lot safer overall. Trampolines like this are recommended for kids ages three to seven.

10. Bungee Trampolines

A lady has some safety ropes on as she prepares to experience the bungee trampoline.

Bungee trampolines are a little unusual because they aren’t really something that you would go out to buy at any type of store. These trampolines are often seen at special fairs or other big events. There are bungee cords that are attached to a structure or possibly some type of crane. The bungees allow the jumpers to go higher than ever before on a trampoline and they will feel safe while doing so.

This is basically a specialty attraction that you may come across at certain types of fancy fairs. It is possible that you will have never seen anything like this in your life. It isn’t a common sight for everyone in the world, but it is very popular among people who have experienced it. It can provide people with ample amounts of thrills and will certainly liven up an afternoon.

The people who are brave enough to try out this type of trampoline are usually experienced with trampolines in some way. The bungees should keep people safe, and there will be staff on hand to keep an eye on everything. Even so, it can certainly be a bit of a scary experience to jump up so high into the air. Whether or not this type of trampoline experience will appeal to you is largely based on your personal sensibilities.