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Shearwater House by Cumulus Studio

Shearwater House by Cumulus Studio

Type: Private residence
Location: Shearwater, Tasmania, Australia
Year: 2018
Status: Complete
Architect: Cumulus Studio
Photographer: Anjie Blair
Site area: 421m2
Client: Private

Sitting roughly 20 kilometres from the city of Devonport, Shearwater has gained significant momentum as a Tasmanian summer holiday destination in recent years with its pristine beaches and Narawntapu National Park just a short paddle across the port. Shearwater House, sitting in prime position on Shearwater Esplanade, was designed to take full advantage of this special location.

Beginning with a podium-like form, Shearwater House subtly peaks above the sand dunes and low-line shrubbery. To help soften the elevated silhouette, mirrored curves were then introduced within the roofline and ground floor brickwork.

Upstairs, priority is given to the beach view, with expansive living areas and floor to ceiling windows to the north and east. Throughout the interior an array of native timbers provide further connection to the surrounding shack environment. Fine timber joinery is offset by pre-aged exterior cladding, creating an interesting transition between the warm inside spaces and the unpredictable coastal elements. The pre-weathered facade makes immediate sense in the context of the site, allowing the new family home to avoid the unwanted attention of things ‘shiny and new’.

Below, the tiered outdoor pool and entertainment area reflects the shades and materials used in the balcony above, with timber decking intended to grey to the hue of Freers Beach driftwood. Positioned at the entrance of the property, the street oriented outdoor living spaces ensure permanent engagement with the beach.

Finally, a series of new trees aim to further occupy the landscape, led by the courtyard centrepiece, set to grow through and beyond the curved roof cavity.